Tough Treadmill Workout – 1-14-13

This morning I ran on the treadmill at the gym – I should have waited an ran outside in shorts this afternoon! It was 56 degrees and sunny – a GORGEOUS day out there and I didn’t get to run in it.

Instead I went truck shopping and found a 2011 Ford Ranger Sport, that I really like, gonna think on it over night and decide tomorrow, whether or not to get it. Thinking I am leaning in that direction.

However, this morning it was still pretty foggy and miserable out there when I ran on the ‘mill.

Below is today’s workout:

  • 1.0 mile @7.3 mph
  • 0.5 mile @9.1 mph
  • .25 @ 7.3 mph — 1.0
  • .25 @ 9.1 mph
  • .25 @ 7.3 mph
  • .25 @ 9.1 mph
  • .25 @ 7.3 mph — 2.0
  • .25 @ 9.1 mph
  • .25 @ 7.3 mph
  • .25 @ 9.1 mph
  • .25 @ 7.3 mph — 3.0

At this point I started to really feel how sick I had gotten, my heart rate was in the 170’s and hadn’t come down during my slower quarter, so I decided to stop my interval workout and see if I could just get to 7.0 miles.

  • 0.5 mile @ 6.5 – I felt better after slowing down – heart rate got back in the 140’s where I expect it to be.
  • 0.5 mile @ 7.4 — 4.0
  • 1.5 mile @ 7.5 — 5.5
  • 1.25 mile Ladder starting at 7.6 and ending at 9.0
  • .25 @ 9.1
  • .1 @ 7.3

Total: 7.1 miles completed.

I really felt bad after the 3.0 mile point and had to slow it down, once I gave myself a little extra time, I felt pretty good, but I could tell that my stamina for faster-paced running has been affected by having been sick for so long. It was a tough run, but I got through it and felt good after I was done.

After finishing my run, I did an upper body weight workout and 3 leg exercises, before I gave up and went to do my stretching and foam roller. I was toast and felt like crap for a while.

What Have I learned From Having the Flu

It sucks!

I could say a lot worse, but this is pretty much a PG rated blog and saying what I really want to say would go far beyond that rating. It definitely brings out that old sailor in me!

It isn’t so much that I got sick with the Flu, that happens and after 2-5 days, typically you start feeling better.


This year I have had the damn flu-like symptoms for at least 2 weeks. It seems like it cycles or is it that just about the time I recover from one strain of the flu, that I am somehow exposed to a different strain and have to combat that one. Sounds like as good a theory as any other I have heard.

Yes I whined about this last Thursday in my post on the Real Health blog, which was when I felt my worst and did nothing but sit in my easy chair and didn’t do a lot more than sleep and watch Sports Center.

So far I have been very lucky that the stomach version didn’t hit me too hard and I only had to battle the achy, chills/sweat, nauseous version for a couple of days. My symptoms have been more of the respiratory strain, which does slow me up a bit.

TheWife has had it a week longer than me and seems to have had a more virulent strain, because she has been sicker than I have been.

What did I learn?

That I definitely am a stubborn old goat. I kept running through most of it, I have taken off 4 days of running because of the flu so far, but that’s all, but I have walked every day (Bennie thank you) in spite of being sick.

  • I hate being sick and am not good at it. Yep I knew this, but when I get sick, I am such a wimp, especially n those days when it was really bad.
  • That feeding a cold, doesn’t do wonders for your weight management program. The lack of being as active makes the scale creak a little more when I step on it.
  • Starving the fever – well that didn’t happen, too much.

The reality is that this flu season is a very dangerous one, my friend Toni over at Running, Loving, Living has been battling the flu bug and gives some good ideas on what to do.

Now if I could just get rid of this sinus congestion/drip and the hard coughs, I would be real happy 🙂

By the way did I tell you what I really thought of the flu this year – it sucks! However, I do think that I am on the other side now and am back up to 60-70%, which is a lot better than I was last week.

Be Strong, Stay Positive and Keep Smiling!

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