Life Got in The Way – 1-15-13

Sometimes you really want to get a run in, then life conspires to make it so you don’t and you have to just learn to roll with the what is going on.

Today was one of those days!

Yes I rolled with what life threw my way and no I didn’t get my run in. However, there is a new to me truck in the front yard.

After thinking about it overnight (always wait overnight before making a major purchase – don’t let anyone pressure you into making a decision that day), TheWife and I decided to go ahead and buy the 2011 Ford Ranger – 4WD model that we had looked at yesterday. It wasn’t something we did without a lot of thought and research.

After talking it over, our lifestyle requires a truck, instead of a SUV or other 4WD/AWD vehicle where we live out in the country, we need something that is GREAT in snow and able to haul nasty stuff – I know a Ranger can handle it (more on that later). We do a lot of gardening stuff, hauling wood from out back, garbage runs and other stuff. Our lifestyle means a truck works a lot better than anything else for us.

Besides, I HATE being “that guy” that is always asking his buddy – “can I borrow your truck?” I don’t mind a friend asking me to borrow my truck or if I can help someone out with my truck, but I hate asking someone else for help – I just am not good at it.

This Ranger has the options, is a local trade-in and is the year I wanted, along with being very LOW mileage. The dealership was very good, low pressure and treated me like a human being. Things that I noted that needed to be taken care of about the truck were professionally corrected and the salesman came in on his day off to finish off the deal – which to me is a big deal.

You can tell a lot about a dealership, by the way that the vehicle prep crew talk to and look at the sales people (when they think they and you are not looking) and how the sales people introduce the crew – whether it is by first name or not.

The only thing about buying a new vehicle is you just can’t really know if you got a decent deal or not, but you can only do the best you can and hope they didn’t get you too bad. 😉

Now to see how service after the sale is.

So while this isn’t really having much to do with running, it does affect how I get to my races and some of the trail runs that I want to do this summer.

By the way this will be my 5th Ford Ranger and my dad currently has had two in a row, so Ford Rangers are not an unknown and what it can do are something that are very well known in my family. It is just too bad they stopped making them in 2011.

Original Brooks Pure Flow – 50 Mile Review

While I don’t have quite 50 miles on my Brooks Pure Flows – I think 43.18 miles is close enough for my purposes.

Back on February 5, 2012, I put together a list of 5 Shoes (Narrowed the Choices Down to 5 Running Shoes) that I wanted to learn more about, and the Brooks PureFlow were the last pair on the list that I haven’t tried (or a similar model from that manufacturer).

So even though I was extremely happy with my Mizunos, when I saw the PureFlows on clearance at a local shoe store on December 31, 2012 I had to buy them and try them out, just to satisfy my own curiosity.

I used them as my primary running shoes over the past couple of weeks. The type of running that I used them was faster treadmill intervals, tempo and runs up to 10 miles, along with runs outside. So I believe that I have given them a pretty good test ride.


The shoe’s construction was very good, I didn’t find any defects while running in the shoe.


Initially the shoe felt very comfortable when I first put them, just a little narrow in the forefoot. When I started to increase the distance on my runs, my feet started to feel very uncomfortable after the 4.0 mark.

Due to how my foot felt while running in them, I replaced the insole with a thinner one to see if it improved the fit, unfortunately, while it helped a little this change didn’t solve the problem. On my last run in them I said:

I also know that I was not impressed with the PureFlows at all today. My feet were not comfortable in them and as I started to run faster my right foot felt like it was falling asleep. I didn’t know if I would be able to complete the run. I am not sure of why they felt so bad, but I do know, I wasn’t happy with them at all.

While I like the PureFlow and the idea behind the line, this uncomfortable feeling after running in them for a while was disappointing to say the least. I haven’t had my foot fall asleep or both feet being this uncomfortable any other shoe I have run in this year.

I don’t know if it has something to do with the NavBand or not, but for me the shoes are not comfortable to run long distances in.

Sole Wear

The sole didn’t have any unusual wear on the sole and looking at how they are constructed they should last quite well.

The reality is that

Unfortunately, as much I wanted them to, the Brooks PureFlows didn’t work for me as well as other shoes have over the past year. I probably won’t run longer than 3-4 miles in them, if I do at all. Actually I believe that they will turn into my walking shoes, since they don’t seem to bother me while I am walking in them.

I know a lot of local runners who love the Brooks Pure Line and have great success with them, however, they don’t work as well for me. Which is too bad, because I really like Brook’s philosophy towards running as a company and the theory behind the Brook’s Pure Line of a light-weight 4MM drop shoe in my shoe rotation, but it won’t be the original PureFlows.