Running in the Snow 1-16-13

Well we got 3-5 inches of snow today and I got to run out in it!

I didn’t feel like running on the treadmill at all today, so I wanted to run in the snow. However, I didn’t quite dare to run around the house, because the roads were so bad (Sidney didn’t bother plowing until after 5:00) and I didn’t want to deal with traffic.

So I went to my gym and ran around down in Augusta Even though there is more traffic in that area, there are also breakdown lanes to run in, plus I ran around the parking lot of a large office complex to add a little more distance.

How was it – nice. I just felt good running outside in the snow, the footing was a little nasty and slippery, but when I almost got run over by the Grader with a wing, it was less than 20 ft behind me when I realized what it was and jumped off into the ditch.

That was that big dip in the timer on the Garmin Stats :-). Once he went by it was a lot easier to run! Once I turned down on Leighton Road, it was unplowed and 2-3 inches of snow/slush on the road. My time wasn’t great, but considering the additional resistance on the road most of the time, I was very happy with this run.

Overall it was a good run and I felt good running outside in the snow, even if it wasn’t all that much.

By the way, the Ranger did GREAT in the snow today, was very impressed.

Garmin Stats Screenshot

Shoes: Mizuno Elixir 7’s did great in the snow except when I ran down through SCI and they got a lot of snow in that big gap in the heel and I had to keep stamping my feet to get it out. Otherwise now problems with the shoes in the snow at all. Good enough grip, so that I didn’t end up on my butt any time, which is a good thing.

Socks: Swiftwick Pursuits – VERY impressed with the socks, my feet remained warm in spite of being wet in 26 degree weather. The merino wool blend was very effective for me.

Top: Blue Hind L/S top

Bottom: Black Nike Wind Pants, Black Nike Pro Compression shorts

Outerwear: Frank Shorter Orange Running Jacket, HiVis Converta Gloves, HiVis Brooks Baseball Hat

RunLog Screenshot:

Last Night’s Supper:

Breakfast: Black Coffee, 1/3 Cup Oatmeal, 1/3 Cup Blueberries, Flax Seeds, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp ground ginger, medium banana, grapes

Vitamins: Simply Right Mature Men Multivitamin, Simply Right Glucosamine HCI 1500 mg, Swanson High potency Dry Vitamin D-3 – 1,000 iu, Swanson Bee Propolis 550 mg

Lunch: Leftover Stuffed Shells, Green Team and 2 chocolates.

Abductor 30 x 110
Adductor 30 x 110
Glute Machine 30 x 50 each leg