Easy 5.0 Miler 1-19-13

Stevens Hill

I got a late start on my run today and really didn’t feel like going when I left the house. However, once I got my butt in gear, it turned into a decent run, not great, but a decent one.

The first 3.0 miles or so were on the road and I had to be aware of traffic, which luckily was light, but all the same it is a pain to go onto the shoulder, where you know there is ice and stuff. Oh well that is just part of running on rural roads.

Once I got on the Blake Road this is what I saw.

The road is all packed snow or what is know around heah as “white ice” yes it was slippery, but as long as I didn’t try to go too fast or push off with my toes, I was able to keep a decent pace. It was good practice for me not to toe off. Hmmmm maybe I should train on this stuff a little more just to work in my form, because I know that I toe off way too much.

Just a decent run, but I know that I was glad that I did it, felt good after I was done.

Garmin Stats Screenshot Shoes: Socks:

The first few miles were at an easy pace and then be of the white ice, I slowed down almost a minute a mile. However, I would rather run a bit slower and not fall on my butt or worse slip and pull a muscle.

Shoes: Mizuno Elixir 7

Socks: Swiftwick gray Pursuits

Top: Nike Blue L/S Pro Combat Gear Shirt, Blue Hind L/S Tech shirt

Bottom: Navy Blue New Balance Lined Wind Pants

Outerwear: Orange Frank Shorter Running jacket, HiVis Converta Gloves, HiVis Brooks Hat

RunLog Screenshot: