Blogger Experiment is Over

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All good things must come to an end and my experiment over at my Blogger – A Veteran Runnah blog is now over – a week earlier than I planned.


To be quite blunt, I had to make a choice and with the time/money that I have invested in this self-hosted blog, loosing that much money and work, changing back to Blogger didn’t seem like a good choice now.

Blogger honestly felt more comfortable for me to use. Once I got my theme setup the way that I liked it, there was no back-end management to worry about, I could just focus on my writing. I don’t feel that way with my blog, I feel that I should be learning more about the back-end management stuff, it almost feels like there is something that I am missing and it is going to bite me square in the ass if I don’t find out what it is.

That sense of missing something has been prevalent since I moved to self-hosted back in late October and I just can’t seem to shake it. I guess that is why I wanted to try out Blogger again and see how I felt there, I kind of wish that I hadn’t tried Blogger out again, because in many respects, I liked being back there – a lot, but I didn’t like the idea of completely starting over – yet again either.

The reality is that

my annual renewal for this site is in a couple of days and I had to make a decision based on what is best for Harold the blogger, versus Harold the old crotchety guy, who just wants to run and then write about it.

Hmmmm maybe I am getting closer to being the old crotchety guy than I thought, but not quite yet. I think there is still a lot room to grow here at A Veteran Runnah and I can be crotchety heah as well as I can other places 🙂

So here is being back to my own self-hosted blog blog, whatever I am “missing” heah, I just hope that when I finally do figure it out, that it isn’t anything all that serious. If it is, I have a back up plan in place and a blog already setup to take its place, only this time it will be on Blogger.

10 thoughts on “Blogger Experiment is Over

  1. Ha! I switched from to in December. Most of it is the same, but I understand the feeling that I should be doing more just because I can. On the other hand, I hate blogs that load slowly or have pop-ups or the like, so that’s my reason for keeping things simple.

    1. Coco – I agree, I am trying to keep mine as simple as possible, sometimes though it seems that does things I haven’t quite figured out or is it the plugins do things I don’t expect 😉 Oh well gotta keep learning.

  2. I started on blogger and then made the switch to I still miss the ease of blogger–much easier for a tech dummie like me, but I like what WP has to offer in comparison, so I stay on WP.

    1. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, but I wish that would have a professional level, where you could do everything a self-hosted blog allows you to do, and they take care of all the back-end management for an annual fee. Would be easier. Oh well

  3. I’m glad I made the switch. My wife said it’ll take some time building back up my SEO, but I’m impatient for that to happen now. Going from about 2000 hits a month to maybe 400 this month (my first at self hosting) is making me a crotchety old man, too 🙂

    1. hehehhee, so I am not alone! I really think that not wanting to start back over at Blogger was the primary reason I didn’t just return there, plus having to change all the business cards, connections, etc. No that I am all in, I have a little more work to cleanup 🙂

    1. Kareen – It isn’t that bad, but for me, what I should be doing is in the back of my mind. I just have to sit down and learn it :-). I think you will like the freedom, but learn about what you need to know before doing it, to make sure it is right for your needs and purposes.

  4. I’ve been enjoying your experiments. The one big pro to running your own site is that you have the most control over it. That all being said, having a Blogger site is nice for lack of maintenance 🙂 I run my own self-hosted and have always done so with other sites I’ve owned, but I don’t pay for my host space, a perk working for a web dev firm. I do pay for the domain name, however, and I pay for my Flickr acct. Sometimes it is good to “own” your space on the web. Never know what value will come one day … the last domain name I owned sold for over $1000 🙂

    1. Thanks Christina – I enjoy the experimenting part, I get to try something different which piques my curiousity. I will keep the self-hosted while I have AVR, but I have a feeling if I ever move on from AVR that I won’t have a self-hosted blog again for a while. I have pretty much gone all in with Google and found the integration of services to meet my needs fairly well.

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