Form Work on Today’s 5.0 miler 1-28-13

Stevens Hill 1-29-13

No running jacket, no heavy winter hat, no heavy gloves/mittens, today was the best day to run outside in a while. It was 34ºF which is still chilly, but a heat wave compared to frigid weather that we have had for the past couple of weeks.

It was nice to just have a couple of layers for a top and my lighter winter gear.

Also it was my second day back in my Altra Instincts 1.5’s. I have a small spot on my left calf that is tight, but otherwise no issues from me being well – me, yesterday, when I ran 10.0 miles in them. Which is against everything I know and definitely not how Altra recommends you transition to their shoes.

So what did I do as a second run – an easy 5.0 miler on a hilly and white ice-covered dirt road (for the last 1.5 miles). I focused on running lightly with more of a forefoot landing. Felt good the entire way.

Something strange happened to my GPS watch, I went through 2.0 miles and it only showed 1.07 miles. So I must have lost satellites for a while when I started. I went with the distance for a previous Middle Road Loop distance GPS total – 5.02.

I do know that the white ice down-back made me focus on picking up my foot, instead of pushing off with my toes. Every time I did the push-off I was sliding all over the place, when I lifted my foot, I was actually able to go along at a decent pace for the conditions – good training area to work on my form.

Also the Instinct’s are not all that great in snow, the bottom is a little too smooth. Definitely need the Superiors or to wear my M/T’s

Shoes: Altra Instinct 1.5

Socks: Swiftwick Black Aspire 12’s. I used them because of the slight tightness in my left calf, but that didn’t bother me at all during the run.

Top: Nike Orange Merino L/S shirt, HInd L/S blue tech shirt

Bottom: Black Nike Windpants

Outerwear: HiVis Converta Gloves, HiVis Brooks Baseball cap

RunLog Screenshot:

RunLog 1-28-13

A Veteran Runnah – Has it Been a Year?

Photo by  Don Penta

Wow! I have been so busy that I missed A Veteran Runnah’s one year blogoversary  on January 23rd.

That’s right this version of my blog – A Veteran Runnah has only been around for a year as a blog (my first post here) and a only a couple of months before that as a Blogger blog starting on December 6, 2011.

Even though I started on Blogger, I really consider January 23rd, when I moved over to as the actual beginning of my journey on “A Veteran Runnah”.

I am not going to re-hash all the events of the past year, if you want to read about them you can do that in my 2012 Reflection post. However, to say it has been an exciting year would be an understatement and much of it was because of this blog.

Yes this little blog has made a huge difference in my life.

When look back at my “Welcome to a Veteran Runnah” post that I updated that day, I smile – a lot.

What can you expect from Veteran Runnah?

I had arthroscopic knee surgery in May (2011) and I am returning to running after being away since February 2010, even then I considered myself a runner – I kept trying to run and see how far the knee would let me go – (shhhh don’t tell the TheWife what I was doing when I was walking the dog) it turned out that I was not able to run very far, until just recently.

So I will writing about:

  • how I am doing coming back to running
  • what I learn along the way.
  • Before I was injured I had just started doing a lot of local trail running and was loving it and as the knee gets better, I plan to make trail running a regular part of my running routine.
  • I don’t like to lift weights, but as my former trainer at the gym used to say, you gotta do’em and not just do cardio. I know that and I do know that lifting weights does help and I am doing some – not as much as I should, but more than I used to.
  • Reflections on different parts of my running career, both the highlights and the lowlights.
  • Reviews on different shoes, clothing, techie stuff and other gear that I use when I am running.
  • I also plan to use “A Veteran Runnah” as my off-beat way of keeping my running log and a way to keep me honest about whether I am running or not. I am not as into numbers, totals or time like I used to be and a blog as my running log has a certain amount of appeal to me. Also if I do my log open to the public, you will hold me more accountable.

Finally, I run year round, which isn’t always easy up heah in Maine, this year I don’t have access to a treadmill (I retired and didn’t renew my gym membership) and plan to run outside, so that should make my return to running even more shall we say even more “interesting”.

Running is something I do and even though I no longer am a competitive runner. I love to run and when I am not running consistently there is a huge void in my life. Who knows maybe over the next couple of years, I might even enter a few races and see how I do.

I am not bragging or boasting when I say that I have come a long ways in my journey back to being a runnah:

  • Over the past year I have learned a lot and shared most of it here.
  • Ran more miles than I ever thought I would or could.
  • I still HATE lifting weights, but I do it more than I did.
  • I have reviewed lots of different running shoes and equipment (learning what I like and don’t like).
  • I did re-join the gym and am using the treadmill this winter.
  • I ran in many more races than I expected that I since I wrote that post.

Looking back on what I waned to write about when I first created A Veteran Runnah  –  I think that I have stayed pretty much on course. What do you think?

Is there anything you would like me to write about or focus on differently, as we go forward together with A Veteran Runnah?  I value your opinions and insights regarding what you want to see here on what has become our blog.