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#RealHealth – The Three Pillars of Overcoming Self-Doubt


Typically every Tuesday, I have a blog post published on Anthem’s Real Health Blog. I believe that readers here might be interested in my and the other contributors writing and vlogging, so I will be providing a link here on A Veteran Runnah, to the posts after they are published.

The Three Pillars of Overcoming Self-Doubt

Pillars for reducing stressIn most material on how to train for a marathon or how to get fit or, even more generally, how to get and stay healthy, I find something specific missing.

This something has nothing to do with exercise techniques or weight loss tips. This something has to do with overcoming self-doubt, those nagging (and stress inducing) thoughts that try to tell you that a goal is too lofty. Wait, not just overcoming self-doubt

Since I am having a tough time with self-doubt during this winter season, I thought it would be helpful to have a discussion about how these negative thoughts come about and about how we can overcome them. I will have some tips for you and I am sure I can learn from you as well.

The origins of many thoughts of self-doubt

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If you have a minute, go check out the rest of the post. While you are there take a look around and see what the other fantastic Real Health contributors are writing about.
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  1. Great comments, Harold. Self doubt gets all of us at one time or another. In our immediate gratification world, results seem slow in coming. Especially when rehabing after an injury. Lots of self doubts then.

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