Easy Long Run – 13.1 Miles

Long Run Middle Road 2-22-13
Long Run Middle Road 2-22-13


I could never imagine saying Easy Long Run and 13.1 miles in the same sentence, before this past year. I didn’t feel like I was pushing hard at any time during the run. It is amazing how well our body adapts to the workloads we expect from them.

Another long run done! It was a nice day out there today, mid 30’s, bright sunshine and a tail wind 90% of the run.

As you can see some parts of the Middle Road were pretty icy on the shoulders and it seemed like most of the time it was when cars were coming.

I have been reading the Hanson’s Marathon Method book, so I thought that I would experiment and do a slow-paced long run today in the 9:00 to 10:00 minute range. At least that was the plan.

I got down to the bottom of the hill and it was a lot quicker than I expected, this changing my form to a modified Pose Method seems to be working.

I call it that, because I don’t have a clue if I am doing it according to the book or not, but it feels comfortable for me. Whatever I am doing with my form, has definitely made a difference in how I feel when I am running. I just feel more comfortable than I have in a long time.

So I just kept plugging along.

Garmin Stats 2/22/13
Garmin Stats 2/22/13


As you can see this is my cheater 13.1 mile course – it is mostly a downhill course that does help build my confidence for the distance during training runs. I did purposely not push hard and ran well within myself, the whole run, but the pace was very consistent ranging from 7:52 to 8:28. I had plenty left when I finished and for this time of year, it was very good run.

I finally found the right sock combination for long runs with my Atra Instinct 1.5’s – my Swiftwick Pursuits. It is funny how each running shoe has a slightly different feel and how a different style of sock works better than others do for different length runs. Does anyone else find that to be true?

When I got home, changed up and finally sat down – about 45 minutes later. I started shivering and actually shaking, because I was cold! That has never happened to me before, it was so bad that I covered up with a heavy fleece blanket and turned on the electric heating pad against my kidneys. It took a while, but finally I got warmed up and felt human again.

RunLog 2/22/13
RunLog 2/22/13

2 thoughts on “Easy Long Run – 13.1 Miles

    1. Erik – it does and I never ever thought that I would be saying those words in the same sentence – imagine me the guy that hated anything over 5.0 miles for a long time.

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