Yes I Listened to My Body Today – 2/26/13

Today I did something unusual for me – I listened to my body and cut my scheduled 6.0 mile run short!

What is going on?

I explain it in the below video:

So you see – I did listen to my body today and didn’t keep running, to risk making things worse.

Who knows maybe I am starting to grow up and show some of that wisdom that supposedly comes with all this gray hair.

Does this mean I will stop having my Harold being Harold moments or renounce my top 20 number in the Idiots Running Club? Not a chance, but it does mean that I will listen to my body a little more and be more aware of what I should be doing more often.

I did run a mile today, but I have a feeling that 2-3 days off are in the forecast and a little bit of time playing with the foam roller and soaking in the tub, might be the order of business on those days.

2 thoughts on “Yes I Listened to My Body Today – 2/26/13

  1. Sorry to hear you’re hurting today… hope it isn’t anything a few days off won’t make better. I know it’s tough when you’re older to back off, even when you think you might be hurt… especially when things were going so well.
    After 34 years of running I’ve found that I can’t continually push my body to train like I did when I was 28 years old. Unfortunately, I occasionally do and end up regretting it… can you say tibial stress fracture.
    Hope your quad ends up being nothing.

    1. Thanks Gordon – I have a feeling it is just a small quad strain and taking a couple of days off will help a lot. I think we all forget that we aren’t in our twenties any more at time and the body just reminds us of that after wards ;-).

      I am pretty sure I am going to give the Hanson Method a try, I need something to put a governor on me and at least make me think before I go running sub 7:00 minute miles in succession for a training run :-). Pretty sure that is what my quad is complaining about.

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