No Run Today & Ordered Altra Superiors – 2-27-13

Snowmobile Trail 2-27-13
Snowmobile Trail 2-27-13


Yesterday I only ran a mile and today I am going to take off completely from running. Why?

Although it seems as though I have had one of those miraculous recoveries from the pain in my right quad, I want to be conservative for a change. Huh? What is going on?

Monday I did a great workout on the treadmill but my right quad was very sore the rest of the day and yesterday. Last I took at bath (yes I know – wonders will never cease – I thought I would get the sarcastic remark in before you did!) in Epsom Salts and soaked for over 30 minutes. When I got out it seemed as though the knot in my quad had loosened at lot.

When I got up this morning, my quad felt fine and my legs felt a little better than usual. Now I have heard that Epsom Salts are supposed to do good things when you soak in them. My Great-Grandmother Bertha routinely stated that when she took a bath, she used them and that they helped with her aches and pains. If it is good enough for her, definitely good enough for me.

During Bennie’s morning walk there wasn’t any soreness and very little discomfort, if I had felt this way yesterday, I would have run my recovery run and not thought anything of it. However, I am scheduled to run a tempo run today and even though I could just do a recovery run, I have a feeling that a day off would probably be better to give the leg a little more time.

However, Bennie and I did go up on the snowmobile trail up back and it didn’t bother a bit during that, so I could I run today – yep. Am I going to run today – no, because when I stretch it out, I can still feel that little tightness and I want to make sure that it stays away.

This pain in the quad, is very similar to something that I had a long time ago (back in the 80’s) when I was playing basketball a lot. I ignored it then and it became something that I had to go see the Doc’s about, so a day or two off and not racing on it in little over a week, seems to be a prudent strategy for this one.

During the walk, I also decided to not run the Chamberlain Half up in Brewer on March 9th, even though I could do it as a training run, I know me too well and I wouldn’t.

Screenshot of Altra Superior from Optimal Running webpage
Screenshot of Altra Superior from Optimal Running webpage


Since I am not going to drop the registration fee on a race, I decided to go ahead and order the Altra Superior trail shoes that I have been researching and lusting over, the past couple of months.

I ordered them through Optimal Run and they have already shipped and will be here before I know it. Patton and his crew are simply unbeeelievable.

Yes I am an Altra Running fanboy and talk about how much I like their running shoes a lot on Twitter and my blog, but I don’t have any connection with them. Other than the pair of Altra Instinct 1.5’s that I got for being part of the FitFluential bloggers who were part of #RWHalf festival.

I don’t want anyone to get the impression that I represent them as an Ambassador or any other capacity.  I just like their stuff and the staff that I in PA are all GREAT!

Oh well, I suppose that this afternoon will mean another soaking in the tub with Epsom Salts, it is a tough life, but someone has to do it. hehehehe

It is a relief that the quad is getting better, so quickly, but I just want to make sure on this one and actually listen to my body for a change.

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