Easy 4.5 Mile Run & Minimal Quad Discomfort 2-28-13

This morning, I went for my usual treadmill run (a good thing freezing rain and nasty road conditions out there).  Due to the quad issues I am having, I was happy that it was an easy 5.0 that I had scheduled and planned stop at that point.

Yes I am trying that running smarter and listen to my body more idea :-). I want to actually be able to train and run the Marine Corps Marathon, not just watch it!

When I started my quad tightness/strain was still there a little and about 4.3 miles into the run, I could feel it starting to tighten up. When it didn’t feel any better, I shut it down at 4.5 miles instead of the 5.0. Could I have made the .5 mile – no problem, but why? It is only a number.

I don’t really want to take any chances with this little issue and will not do my long run tomorrow. If anything I will only do another treadmill run until it starts to tighten up again or stop at 6.0 miles no matter what. There is no sense in trying to push through this minor injury and take the chance that it becomes a major thing.

I did a light leg workout, foam rolled and stretched after that, but the stretching seemed to aggravate the quad a little more, so I will not stretch that muscle group for a few days.

The hardest thing about the workout was the pace – over 9:00 minute miles, it just felt way too slow, but at the same time if I had gone faster, I have a feeling that my leg wouldn’t have held up nearly as long as it did. Running slow is harder for me than I thought it would be, but I think that it might be a part of the solution to some of my running problems with injuries.

Hopefully it will allow my body enough rest between my quality runs to not break down as quickly.

We will see on this one, but I have a feeling that getting down to the 9:30 to 10:00 minute pace recommended – well won’t happen, unless I am running trails or up lots of hills (which defeats the purpose of an easy run).

RunLog 2-28-13

5 thoughts on “Easy 4.5 Mile Run & Minimal Quad Discomfort 2-28-13

  1. Always tough holding back when you’re injured… I know how you feel. Starts to feel better and you go out and before you know it you feel it creeping back on you. Hang in there Harold, best to think long term running when dealing with a nagging injury. A few days off now, means I’ll be running later.

    1. Gordon – it sure is, but you are right and I am starting to get it through this thick head of mine that it is okay not to train like I am 25 still (just do it once in a while), Long-term thinking is good, not being injured would be better. However, this one was self-inflicted, so have no one to blame but myself 🙂

  2. Sounds like you are handling this just right – backing off when you feel it tightening. Being an old fart myself, I always struggle with holding myself back when I tweak something. Working hard on whatever cross training I can do – cycling, elliptical, weights, etc. – helps me get through it both psychologically and in terms of maintaining fitness. Hey, I am a former Rhode Islanduh retired and living in Costa Rica and very much enjoy your blog. Reminds me of home.

    1. Hi Mario – Costa Rica is one of those places, that I have always wanted to visit, so I am jealous :-). It is hard to hold yourself back, but I am learning to be smarter about it than I used to be. I have a feeling though that I will probably need reminders every so often hehehe. I was stationed on Cape Cod a couple of times and my wife lived in Providence for a while, small world.

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