Easy run,Then I Hit the Snowmobile Trail

Snowmobile Trail 3-2-13
Snowmobile Trail 3-2-13

After my 10 miles on the treadmill in my new Altra Superior’s, I wanted to get them outside where they belong.

It was a perfect day to see how they would do on a wet nasty, snowy flurry kind of day. I planned on going at a 9:00 to 10:00 minute pace and not trying to stress my legs too much.

I went down to Tillson Hollow and the Superior’s did GREAT again. They felt very comfortable running on the tar, but even better when running on the dirt shoulder. They had great grip in the slush, wet dirt or wet tar and didn’t bother me in any way.

On the way back, I decided to come back up the snowmobile trails, to check out how the Superiors would do on slushy semi-packed snow.

The Superior’s didn’t do great on the snowmobile trails, but then I don’t think that even my very aggressive treaded Vigor’s with screws in them also, would have done much better. The footing was slippery and really tough, plus I was going uphill for almost 2.0 miles. My workout went from real easy to getting my heart rate way up and definitely became a very tough run. It became a strength workout.

It was definitely a good test and the Superiors did get me through better than I thought that they would once I got going on the snowmobile trail and figured out how bad the footing was.

Garmin Stats 3-2-13
Garmin Stats 3-2-13

I was very consistent on my pace and you can tell when I was on the snowmobile trail – I slowed down a LOT, but if I had been wearing a h/r monitor it would have been in the 170 range in a few areas. Which mean it was a hell of a workout, while I was on the trail.

The Superior’s continue to impress me as far as how comfortable they are and how well they do on a variety of terrains. Although they didn’t do great in the slushy snow that I ran in today, they did as good or better than most shoes that I have run in, so that is still pretty impressive to me.

RunLog 3-2-13
RunLog 3-2-13

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