Moving Back to Blogger

Sometimes we look back and wonder why we do some of the things that we do and wish that we had done things a little differently.

That is where I am now with my blogging and A Veteran Runnah. Oh I know why I chose the paths I have gone down with my blogging hosts and the course corrections that I have made over the course of the past 15 months.

The biggest question I have to ask myself today, is why do I have my A Veteran Runnah blog in the first place?

That is really a loaded question.

The biggest reason that I started this blog is that I enjoy writing and wanted to share my thoughts and experiences of my running life with you the reader. I never planned on having a huge audience or many of the opportunities that creating and writing here on A Veteran Runnah has brought me is mind boggling.

However, I have noticed myself drifting away from my original intent of why I began blogging – some people might call it becoming a more mature blogger, but I liked the reasons that created A Veteran Runnah and believe that is the reason that some people have decided to read my blog, not because I have great SEO or that I follow the “accepted” business blogger approach. I have noticed my changing attitude, especially since I moved to being a self-hosted. I became much more concerned with statistics, my choice of what I wrote, how I write it, how to best set my blog up with SEO practices, involve myself with the back-end management, along with a bunch of other stuff.

Since moving to self-hosted, in the back of my mind there is always the knowledge that if something happens and my blog gets screwed up for whatever the reason, it is up to me to either fix or find someone who can fix (for a price). That is just the way that self-hosted works, but you know something, I don’t want that feeling in the back of my mind anymore.

There have been a series of “little” things to do with back-end management that while they are really not that big a deal, they are adding up and then I got an email from my blog host which was the final straw:

It appears that a crawler robot (or robots) was causing a high load on the server, and due to this affecting all of the other accounts on the system, we were forced to take immediate action for the health of the server.

We have blocked the crawler from being able to connect to your site by either an IP block in the .htaccess for this domain, or by specifically blocking the crawlers by UserAgent inside the .htaccess file.

Regarding the recent traffic for your account, it appears to be receiving a large amount of traffic from web crawlers and we would like to pass some details along regarding the crawlers. You can create Bing and Google Webmaster accounts and configure your domains to have a lower crawl-delay. We also recommend configuring a robots.txt file. This will reduce the rate that crawlers initiate requests with your site and reduce the resources it requires from the system allowing for more legitimate traffic to be served.

As a result of that email – I really don’t have to do anything (I think), but at the same time I really didn’t know what I should do to make sure my blog is safe. Could I do a bunch of research and learn how to protect myself and my blog – sure, but to be honest I really don’t want to.

This email and other minor issues have really made me think about whether I really want to deal with the back-end management issues of having a self-hosted blog. I came close to just doing it last night, but like TheWife says, sleep on an important decision first. I did, then tossed and turned most of last night thinking about the pros and cons of moving. When I woke up this morning, the pros of moving definitely out-weighed pros of staying with a self-hosted blog. I had decided to move back to Blogger.

Now moving from WordPress to Blogger is a pain-in-the-ass, there is no other way to describe it and no real easy way to accomplish it. It will take time for me to get my blog completely moved back to Blogger – that is just the way it is and I accept that as part of my decision. Hard work doesn’t bother me, but it will take a bit to accomplish what I want to do.

My stats will take a huge hit – okay no big deal, I can build them back up. I ‘ve done it before, it just takes time. This decision does mean that you will be seeing lots of old posts show up on Google + and Twitter over the course of the next month or so, as I get things back in order. A lot like this morning, when I copied this year’s posts into Blogger and published them.

You know something, honestly – I am not looking forward to the extra work that this move is going to cause me. I would rather just be writing and playing around on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook with that time, but for the way that I want to blog, write and not have to worry about back-end management issues it will be worth it in the long run – for me.

Is Blogger perfect – no, but I can deal with most of its issues. It seems like I am bucking the trend of people moving to self-hosted WordPress blogs by moving back to Blogger, but for me I just feel it is the correct choice.

Time will tell.

If you subscribe to my blog, I hope that you follow me to A Veteran Runnah’s new web address and continue to read my posts.

4 thoughts on “Moving Back to Blogger

  1. As a blogger, it is easy to get caught up in statistics and post views. I've recently been torn between writing about content that gets the most views vs. content that I really enjoy writing about.

    Thanks for this post! It made me think about why I originally started blogging :o)

    Alec @

  2. I understand your perspective. I found someone who provides back-end support at a price that seems more than reasonable (and affordable) to me. My blog is a hobby, but it has great personal meaning and importance to me, so I would freak out if it got hacked or blocked or crawled — whatever that means!

  3. Alexandra – Sometimes we just have to do what we feel is right for us and see where that leads.

    Courtenay – I wasn't able to find that and had to make choices based on what I am willing to learn and what I want to do :-). That is the problem with any blog no matter who hosts, if you get hacked trying to repair the damage can be a royal pain, but it was more the day-to-day back-end stuff that got to me. 🙂

    Brian – Isn't the great part about blogging, no one can tell you how to run your blog and you are free to do what feels right for you 🙂

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