Making Progress on the Move Back to Blogger

I have to admit that this move to Blogger is going to be a lot of work that will probably take most of the month to get done.

This morning it took about 3 hours of trial and error coding to get the theme to look close to what I want. I have never received training on how to code HTML or CSS, so it takes me 2-3 times longer to make changes and even then they don’t always work the way I want.

I didn’t like the stock background for my theme and found one that I could modify and really fits into my blog’s description:

Do NOT go quietly into the Night!

The way that it goes from light to dark really adds a little subliminal visual to that description. This is probably the happiest that I have ever been with any of the Blogger themes that I have used. It still isn’t quite the way I want it yet, but I need to give it a couple of days, to see what I have to do next.

Then this afternoon, I found out that I could undelete my original A Veteran Runnah blog and was able to export the old posts there, up until 1/24/12 and then import/publish them quickly here. However, the bad part of that was that I added in around 200 labels that I didn’t want, so I had to take a couple of hours of going through and deleting all the labels that I don’t want in my Table of Contents page.

Although it has only been a day, I think that I have made a lot of progress.

Overall, I am still very comfortable with my decision to move back to Blogger and the sooner that I go ahead get everything back the way I want it, the happier I will be.

Winter Doesn’t Want to Give Up 3/7/13

Wow winter just doesn’t want to give up!

We didn’t get snow up heah in Maine, but it was the in the mid 30’s with winds 15-25 mph straight out of the north – which made it feel like the low 20’s.

When I took Bennie for a walk on the Augusta Rail Trail this morning, even he wasn’t all that into the walk and we only did a mile, before he turned around, looked up at me and started walking back the way we came – he knows where to go to get back to the truck.

Now I have been running more in shorts and a t-shirt a lot this winter on the treadmill and this has spoiled me a lot about running outside, I just enjoy running without bundling up. After the walk today – I really thought about going to the gym and using the treadmill again. Then I got to thinking about it and that would have been  too much like wimping out.

However, I am just tired of the cold and harsh north winds that have been seemingly endless this winter. To be quite honest, I am ready for this winter to be over.

Yes – I ran outside today, it was an easy recovery run, that I was going to do at above a 9:30 pace. Below are the Garmin Stats:

The first 2.0 miles were down hill, so that pace was a little deceptive and the last 2.0 miles were primarily uphill, against the 15-25 mph north wind, which to be blunt sucked. However, it did slow me down and then coming back up Philbrick Hill (otherwise known as the Bitch) always slows me down a lot.

The biggest thing that I worked on today was running quiet, while I didn’t have quick feet, I did have quiet feet, so I was happy with the run, just not the weather, but the weather is what it is, so I gotta quit whining and just deal with it.

Good Tempo Treadmill Run – 3/6/13

10.0 more miles on the treadmill, 6.0 of which were at my half marathon tempo pace or faster!!!. However, today this run was definitely needed, it has been one of those days where the unexpected became the expected. I got a lot done today, but it was a bit of a pain to say the least and running helped to put things back in perspective.

I was scheduled to do a 5 mile tempo run at a sub 7:40 pace and guess what I did it! Actually I felt very good during the run and then added one more mile at the tempo pace for the last mile. Now to get so that I can do this outside consistently!

The workout was:

  • 2.0 mile @7.3 mph – warm-up
  • 5.0 mile @8.0 mph – tempo

I stopped for about 30 seconds to fix my sock, it just seems to ride into my right little toe (always the right side)

  • 1.0 mile @6.6 mph – cool-down
  • 1.0 mile @7.3 mph – cool-down
  • 1.0 mile @8.0 mph – tempo

.5 @ 3.2 mph – cool-down walk

The best thing is that even though I could have run faster, I stuck with the plan and stayed close to my scheduled tempo pace (I went a little faster because I was on the treadmill).

It was a good workout and helped me clear my head, now I just have to get my Blogger blog smoothed out a little more, there are still a bunch of “little” things I need to do. It is after midnight and I am just getting to writing this blog post. Oh well, time for bed 🙂

RunLog 3/6/13