Good Tempo Treadmill Run – 3/6/13

10.0 more miles on the treadmill, 6.0 of which were at my half marathon tempo pace or faster!!!. However, today this run was definitely needed, it has been one of those days where the unexpected became the expected. I got a lot done today, but it was a bit of a pain to say the least and running helped to put things back in perspective.

I was scheduled to do a 5 mile tempo run at a sub 7:40 pace and guess what I did it! Actually I felt very good during the run and then added one more mile at the tempo pace for the last mile. Now to get so that I can do this outside consistently!

The workout was:

  • 2.0 mile @7.3 mph – warm-up
  • 5.0 mile @8.0 mph – tempo

I stopped for about 30 seconds to fix my sock, it just seems to ride into my right little toe (always the right side)

  • 1.0 mile @6.6 mph – cool-down
  • 1.0 mile @7.3 mph – cool-down
  • 1.0 mile @8.0 mph – tempo

.5 @ 3.2 mph – cool-down walk

The best thing is that even though I could have run faster, I stuck with the plan and stayed close to my scheduled tempo pace (I went a little faster because I was on the treadmill).

It was a good workout and helped me clear my head, now I just have to get my Blogger blog smoothed out a little more, there are still a bunch of “little” things I need to do. It is after midnight and I am just getting to writing this blog post. Oh well, time for bed 🙂

RunLog 3/6/13


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