Mizuno Ekidon Initial Impressions and First Run

Stock Mizuno Ekidon’s with Bennie’s Leg šŸ˜‰

For the past couple of weeks, I have been doing a lot of research on what I should get for a pair of racing flats to run up to 10K races in.

It finally came down to either the Mizuno Wave Universe or the Mizuno Wave Ekidon, both were light, fast shoes that had good reviews.

However, I chose the EkidonĀ because the outsoleĀ was similar to Ronin 4’s and Elixir 7’s that I currently own and have had a lot of good luck with this tread design.

FTC Disclaimer: I purchased the Mizuno EkidonĀ through the Running Warehouse at their regular prices and I have no connection to Running Warehouse except as a consumer. However, I am a Member of the Mezamashii Project and did receive a pair of Mizuno Elixir 7’s as part of the project. All opinions about the Mizuno Ekidon running shoes are my own and were not influenced in any respect by that membership.


They are freaking light! I don’t think I have ever had a pair of racing flats this light or if I have it has been a long time. Running Warehouse lists them as 4.7 ounces for a size 9, so my size 8’s are lighter :-).Ā Stack Height:Ā Heel (20mm), Forefoot (14mm) for a 6MM drop (which is higher than I would have liked, but still lower than my Ronin’s).

The construction was first rate, no noticeable flaws in the seams or stitching. The insoleĀ is glued in place – non replaceable, so unless you want to go through the process of digging out the present insole and going back and scraping the glue spots. Personally, I will just leave it the way it is.

Once thing that was mentioned in a couple of reviews I read and something that I didn’t like too much either was the piece of fabric/plastic in the top of the toe box. It is noisy when walking or running in the shoe and I can’t see what purpose it serves.

When I make the decision to keep or return these shoes, the first thing I will do if I decide to keep them (I won’t know this until after a few runs) will be to cut this piece of plastic out and the second will be to cut the tag off the tongue. I see that as a bit of a design flaw – why put a tag on the tongue of a shoe where it can potentially get folded over/crumpled and cause an issue???

Something I will have to get used to is the idea that the Ekidon’s tongue is so thin. I have a similar design on a different pair of shoes and I still haven’t decided if I like it or not. I understand for a shoe to be this light that certain compromises have to be made and the shoe’s tongue is one of those. We will see how it feels after a few runs. It is a worry spot for me because when pulled on the tongue to straighten it out, the stitching seemed to part a little, something keep my eye on.

Fit – The EkidonĀ feels similar toĀ the Ronin 4, so if you have wide feet, this might be a consideration. For me, they are close to being a little too snug, but I will know better after I run in them. Otherwise they are true to size, my just under size 8 foot and fit the same as they do for other Mizuno shoes.

I did find that the EkidonĀ is very fussy about what socks feel good inside the shoe, which also might be something to do with the width. I had to try on several different styles before I found a pair that felt right. When I am barefoot they feel very comfortable, so finding the right shoe/sock combination for these shoes is important. The roughness of the material in a couple of spots, would seem to be a blister waiting to happen if I went sockless.

They did fit a lot better once I put in my LockLaces, so that change did make a big difference and is why I do this with all of my running shoes now.


One of the best looking race shoes I have seen in a while – a picture tells a thousand words.

Now for the first run – how did they do?

The Ekidon’s are a FAST shoe! There is not any doubt in my mind after my run today. Here are my splits for the run:

I started out slow, after yesterday’s long run, today was supposed to be over 9:30 pace. I couldn’t run that slow in these shoes if I wanted to. I thought I was running around a 9:20 pace and it was 8:31 for the first mile. The first mile was getting used to the shoe and how to run in it and stopping to scare off the neighbor’s little ankle biter, who came out and chased me down.

Then I just ran comfortably and went under a 8:00 minute pace with very little effort. The final lap I pushed to about 80% and ran it faster than I did either of the last 2 miles in last weekends 5K. This was after a tough training week and long run yesterday.

My best pace was 6:09 (which I didn’t hold for very long on purpose, but to do it outside today when it was mid 30’s and about 15 mph wind in my face when I pushed the pace harder was a good sign.

I can tell the difference between my zero dropĀ Altra’sĀ and the 6MM of theĀ Ekidon, it is a slightly different style of running, but not as different as running in theĀ RoninĀ or Elixir’s. Much more the feel that I want from a running shoe.

However, when I got down to around a 7:10 pace, I noticed that everything came together, the shoes became very quiet, my landing switched to a forefoot landing and I was running smoothly in the Ekidon’s. They felt right.

I still have to do a few adjustments on the lacing and still need to find the right socks to wear with these shoes, but for a first run, I am VERY impressed with the Ekidon and can’t wait for Monday’s hard Interval workout, to see how they do in tough for me speed workout session.