What Did I Learn This Week – 3/24/13

This week’s snowstorm that left almost a foot of new snow!

What did I learn this week?

  • That I am more than ready for spring and want to put my snowblower and snow shovels away.
  • That my window of opportunity to meet my pace/distance goals grows smaller each year, sometimes each month it seems – a topic for a future blog post.
  • That I am going to use the pace that I want to achieve during my speed, tempo or long-run workouts, instead a current race pace.
  • That I can run faster for longer than I thought, my treadmill 5K time trial and half-mile repeats showed me that, now to just get them to translate to running faster outside.
  • That a couple of ounces in shoe weight can make a difference in your running.
  • That getting the shoe/sock combination right can be an important consideration in how comfortable you are when running, especially on longer runs. With me it seems that different shoes like different socks – anyone else notice this?
  • That I don’t like being ignored when I ask questions about expectations and gee believe it or not I do expect to be treated professionally, with at least an interim response to those questions.
  • That I am getting more involved in Team, RWB – Maine.
  • That Reddit is not exactly what I thought it was, so I will change how I will be using it – slightly.
  • That changes Google has made to iGoogle and gReader (getting rid of them) are significantly changing how I keep track of the online running community – Hello NetVibes.
  • That the new FTC guidance on social media marketing have me wondering how it will affect how I do reviews of products and brands that I receive free media samples from and publicize my blog posts about them on social media sites. Until I do some more research, I probably won’t promote those posts on Twitter and look very closely at what Tweets that I re-tweet. Also I will be more cognizant of how I word what I share on Facebook, Google+ or other social media sites.
  • I have learned other things too, but those are the main things that are related to running or my blogging here.


Training is going well, no major aches or pains that are worth writing about. The best thing is that since I have started using my modified the Hanson’s half marathon training plan, my training is going better than I thought it would. I have enough flexibility to listen to my body, but enough structure to help me be better prepared to achieve my goals. The biggest thing is actually doing rest/recovery days, I am not beating myself up everyday like I was.

Do you believe it, I ended up with just under my planned mileage and actually took today off! Who knows maybe this aging and getting wiser thing is starting to kick in – naaawww just a bad week – hehehehe.

Top 10 posts this week:

  1. The RW Complete Guide to Minimalism and Barefoot Review
  2. Why Do I Blog About my Daily Training Runs
  3. Pushing My Pace on Today’s Long Run – 3/22/13
  4. Running Slower – Yes It is an Ego Thing
  5. Mizuno Ekidon Initial Impressions & First Run
  6. Looking at Minimalist Running Part 1 – Definitions
  7. GREAT Run & New 5K PR for the Treadmill
  8. A Much Needed 4.0 Mile Recovery Run – 4/21/13
  9. Half Mile Intervals Workout on the Treadmill 3/18/13
  10. Team RWB – What is it?

Gear of Note:

Mizuno Ekidon – I wanted/needed a pair of racing flats for shorter races and faster track/treadmill workouts. After doing a lot of research, I bought a pair of Ekidon’s. I have only one run in them, but I do like them enough to do a couple of subtle modifications that mean I will be keeping them and am excited to see how they do on my treadmill speed session on Monday. Yes I am a member of the Mizuno Mezamashii project, but that didn’t have anything to do with this pair of shoes.

Altra Superior – These shoes that I bought about a month ago, continue to impress me. They are light comfortable trail shoes that I have been using as a hybrid road/trail shoe since I got them. They have become my go to training shoe for just about any distance on any surface. However, they were not quite up to the task of being a 5K/10K race day shoe, unless it is trail race.

Altra Instinct 1.0 – Yes the original Instinct that I bought last July, they are still in great shape. So I did a little investigating why this shoe was starting to bother my right foot so much and when I took out the insole, I found some lumpy glue spots where my right little toe would land against the shoe. This wasn’t a problem when the insole was new, but now that it has almost 300 miles on them and has become compressed, this area was bothering my foot. I scraped off the little bit of glue and put in the other insoles that that I got with the shoes and they feel great again. Sometimes it is the littlest things that bother us when we run – the old parable of the “Princess and the Pea” comes to mind. Now to go for a longer run in them to see if it resolved the issue.

Overall, I have made some decisions this week to:

  • resign as a Swiftwick Blog Ambassador
  • changing the pace I use for speedwork
  • enjoy running more and yet train harder (you have to be runner to understand this one)
  • increase my participation in Team RWB – Maine

and you know something I am very comfortable with the direction A Veteran Runnah and I are going.

How was your week?