Getting Better at Going Slower and Some Signs of Spring

Finally, a day that almost felt like spring! The thermometer said mid 40’s, but the wind was still straight out of the north at around 15 mph, so it still felt a lot colder.

However, I was able to take the sleeves off my running jacket and just run in it as a vest, which felt nice, but I still needed gloves when running back into that wind.

After yesterday’s tough interval workout, today’s recovery run was definitely needed. My legs were just dead, this morning when I did Bennie’s walk, so I had a feeling that this run was going to be tough and slow. But isn’t that why we schedule recovery runs?

While I was reading my Feed Reader I came across this post on the Runner Academy blog which really re-affirmed the reasons why I am running so much slower on my recovery/easy runs.

Once I got going, it took over a mile to shake the stiffness out of my legs and get to feeling like I really wanted to be out there running. Once I loosened up, I purposely kept it slow and just worked on trying to keep good form and a steady pace.

Looking at the above pace chart, I wasn’t very steady, but if you look at my mile splits, it doesn’t look nearly as bad and I was very happy with my overall pace of 9:32.

I wasn’t feeling tired at any time during the run and once I got warmed up, I could have gone faster, but that wasn’t the purpose of today’s run, it was to get some easy miles in and time on my feet.

Based on that – it was a very successful run.

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