A Combo Long Tempo and Interval Workout 3-27-13

This morning I still was feeling sore and tired from Monday’s tough interval session and really didn’t feel like doing a long tempo run today.

However, I put together this training plan, knowing that I would be tired at times and still have to get out and do the workout.

So I went to the gym with the idea that if my legs were too tired after the first tempo mile that I would just go easy for the rest of the workout.

Here is what happened.

  • 1.0 mile @ 7.3 mph – warm-up
  • 5.0 mile @ 8.6 mph – long tempo at around 6:58 pace

Once I got going during the warm-up, I actually felt really good and decided to go for a sub 7:00 minute pace (which is faster than my last 5K race pace) to see how long I could maintain it on the treadmill. My plan called for 5.0 miles at tempo pace and I surprised myself that I did that without any real problems. It became a mind thing at around 3.0 to 3.5 miles and I just kept telling myself that I would just do another even mile and dragged it out to the full 5.0 miles.

I was tired at the end of the tempo run, but could have continued at that pace for another mile or two.

I wore my Altra Instinct 1.0’s (personal purchase) for the workout, I have been having issues with my right foot’s little toe area and wanted to see if these shoes would bother or not. These Altra’s are comfortable  and usually don’t bother me, but I haven’t been wearing them lately, simply because I have a lot of different shoes that I am trying/wearing – which is a good problem to have.

During the tempo run, my right foot (in the little toe area) bothered me. It seems to be bothering me a lot lately in all my shoes except the Superior’s. It hasn’t really mattered which sock brand or style that I use. Since this was bothering me a lot today, I stopped for a second to stop pull the sock off and see whether not wearing a sock makes a difference.

It did!

  • 0.10 mile @ 3.3 mph – to get my heart-rate back down
  • 0.15 mile @ 6.6 mph

Unscheduled second part of the workout

  • 0.25 mile @ 7.3
  • 0.25 mile @ 9.1
  • 0.25 mile @ 6.6 – 7.0 miles
  • 0.25 mile @ 9.1
  • 0.25 mile @ 6.6
  • 0.25 mile @ 9.1
  • 0.25 mile @ 6.6 – 8.0 miles
  • 0.25 mile @ 9.6
  • 0.25 mile @ 6.6
  • 0.25 mile @ 9.6
  • 0.25 mile @ 6.6 – 9.0 miles
  • 0.25 mile @ 9.6
  • 0.25 mile @ 6.6
  • 0.25 mile @ 10.1
  • 0.25 mile @ 6.6 – 10.0 miles

Seriously, I don’t know why I did pretty much another interval session today, other than because I felt good and once I took my sock off my right foot, I had no problems with that foot! I just wanted to keep going and felt like running faster, so I did.

Still I would like to figure out what is going on with my right foot and why it is bothering me so much when I wear socks.?

Was I tired at the end of the workout? You bet, but I didn’t feel like I had gone too far into the well, to do it and considering how I felt before the workout, that this long tempo and the intervals – was a big surprise and definitely a quality workout.

I just wish that this workout could be translated directly to outside, but I know from experience, that my pace is slower outside than on the treadmill.