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Month: April 2013

6 x 1.0 Mile Repeat = Tough Workout

Today’s interval sessions was a tough one! It was my first outdoor interval session and since I was scheduled to do 6 x 1.0 mile intervals with a quarter mile […]

What I Learned This Week – 4/28/13

Happy birthday to my youngest Daughter – Katie, who has grown into a beautiful young woman and great mother to my grandchildren. This week was the first of my 3 […]

Not Quite What I was Looking For

Today I was scheduled for a recovery 5.0 miles and guess what – that is what I did. Will wonders never cease, me actually sticking to the plan! Well I […]

The Fountain of Aging Well

Once a week I write a blog post for Anthem’s Real Health Blog, after the post is published, I post a link to it from my blog. No I am […]

#BostonStrong Gardiner, Maine

I want to start off saying thank you to Jen at Running With the Girls for organizing the #BostonStrong in Gardiner, Maine this evening. It looked like there were over 70 […]

What I Learned This Week – 4/21/13

This week was a very tough week. That the United States of America was attacked by terrorists and while the attack was done at the Boston Marathon, it was directed […]

A Personal Way of Honoring 4/15/13

I have spent much of this week transfixed and riding an emotional roller-coaster by the events taking place in and around Boston. I just didn’t think that writing on my […]