What I learned this Week – 4/14/13

This week was a very good week!

So what did I learn?

  • That “yes I can”, is becoming more and more my focus and mantra.
  • That I can maintain a 7:40 pace for 6.0 miles outside.
  • That I can run a sub 1:40:00 for 13.1 miles on the treadmill.
  • That I can push through some pretty serious discomfort during a run, when my head is into it.
  • That running without socks can lead to a bloody mess, when your feet are not used to it, especially when you keep going, when you should have stopped.
  • That I still want/need to find the right socks that work for me in a variety of shoes. It seems that my right foot does not like snug fitting socks and when I wear them, after 4-5 miles my foot really begins to bother me. It is either find the right socks or toughen my feet up to run without socks.
  • That I really like my Altra Torin’s – no disclaimer necessary on these ones :-).
  • That I did run yesterday and today, but didn’t bother to put together a separate post for either run.
  • That I took a couple of days off from the blog and social media for the most part and it felt pretty good.
  • That I am glad I didn’t go down to Boston this weekend and stayed home – wedding anniversary much more important.
  • That I need to start working improving the way that I eat, instead of just eating everything that I want – in other words get back to the 8/20 method of eating versus the 60/40 that I am doing right now. Right now I just seem to be devouring everything and anything that is in the house, I am so freaking hungry all of the time, I do need to get this under control.


My training is still at the 50 mile a week level and last week I had 3 GREAT quality workout days and some good recovery runs – they were slow enough, plus I even took a day off. I think writing about the mental side of running last week helped me to focus a little more on what I was doing and push through a couple of barriers that I have been erecting without realizing it.

  • Monday – Interval workout on the treadmill – did very well
  • Tuesday – DNR – a rest day and only walked 2.0 miles
  • Wednesday – GREAT tempo workout on the Augusta Rail Trail and where I first found out that maybe I need to ease into this sockless thing.
  • Thursday – Nice and easy recovery run, but rather hilly route.
  • Friday – Half Mary on the Treadmill in under 1:40:00, pushed through my right foot hurting and taking off sock which re-opened the blister and made things a little bloody on the heel.
  • Saturday – Ran with Patrick over at Quarry Rd and explored the areas that were not too muddy and found the old quarry.
  • Sunday – An easy run with a 1.0 mile pick-up, just to clear out the cobwebs and see how the Torin’s felt outside at a little quicker pace – they did fine

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Gear of Note:

Altra 3-Sum (free sample from Altra) – I ran two very fast paced runs (intervals on the treadmill and a tempo run on the rail trail. The 3-Sums are doing fine, but they did blister my heels a little when I decided to go sockless when my right foot began to really bother once I got past 7.0 miles. Other than that I really liked them alot

Altra Torin (personal purchase) – I ran a sub 1:40:00 half mary in them on the treadmill, again I had to ditch the right sock, which caused a bit of a bloody mess on that heel, but I don’t blame the shoe.

The shoe did good, when I ran in them today, no issues with the heels or anything, tried a different type of sock, but not sure if that is the answer for these shoes either.

Socks – I have been having a hell of a time with my socks since I injured my toes a couple months ago, whenever I get between 5-7 miles in my right foot starts to bother me if the socks have any compression to them and when I take it off, the problem goes away and I can run pain free again. However, going without socks is causing my feet to blister on the achilles tendon areas. So I have to figure this one out, if I want to run comfortable at my upcoming 15K, half marathon or marathon.

Other than the sock issue, I have had a GREAT week and am starting to gain confidence in my ability to run a little faster at the longer distances. I just have to train more at my race paces and once I get past the Joseph’s 5K, I will be focusing strictly on my half and full marathon training paces, instead of attempting to add in 5K race pace.

What did you learn about yourself and your running this week.