A Personal Way of Honoring 4/15/13

I have spent much of this week transfixed and riding an emotional roller-coaster by the events taking place in and around Boston. I just didn’t think that writing on my little running blog and wasting space about my training or other things that I write about on A Veteran Runnah, seemed pretty inconsequential this week in the face of all that was happening.

I tried to get back to a little more normal on Wednesday, but my heart just wasn’t into it and when I tried to write over the past couple of days – I couldn’t.

However, last Tuesday night I decided to honor Boston in my own little way.

I planned to run two half marathons in three days, total the times up and come in under the current Boston Qualifying standard.

Why over three days? To be honest I am not in good enough shape to run the full marathon distance at a BQ pace right now.

I achieved my goal by .07 seconds. 3:40:00 is the current Boston Marathon qualifying standard for my age group.

These two runs were very different and difficult for different reasons, but on both of them the scenes from the television and the stories of those who were there, kept replaying themselves over and over in my head. Those images and stories kept me going.

Someday I will qualify for the Boston Marathon and someday I will finish the Boston Marathon with the memory of 4/15/13 in my heart and thoughts.

My effort might seem to many to be an inadequate way of honoring the memory of those who were killed, hurt or affected on 4/15/13, but as a runner it was my way of doing it.

On Monday at 6:00 PM there is a Boston Remembrance Run at the Gardiner Rail Trail.