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Month: May 2013

What Did the Doctor Say?

The pain in my Achilles got so bad yesterday that I did something I hate to do. Let’s back up a little bit. After the Miles for Mills 5K on […]

Miles for Mills 5K Race Recap

Okay before anyone says that I was an idiot – I agree with you, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. What are you talking about Harold? […]

Focusing on What I CAN Do!

Okay so I can’t freaking run and haven’t been able to for over 3 weeks. Yes it sucks and is definitely getting in the way of my training/racing goals! I […]

Which Runner Are You?

Runners are often complex and misunderstood creatures. We have so many conflicting emotions, thoughts and feelings about our chosen sport, that it seems to others that we are more than […]

Injuries are Very Humbling – 5-14-13

The past couple of weeks are/have definitely been a lesson in humility and bringing me back to reality. I have been running GREAT this year and I have been dealing with […]

What I Learned Last Week – 5/12/13

Well the injury bug got me finally and the flu bug beat me silly last weekend. This past week has been all about getting things back together and recovering. On […]

Who Else is A Little Nicked Up

Photo by Susan Morris I don’t know about you, but my training this spring has gone better than, I thought it would, actually it has been GREAT!!! It also means […]

A Surprise Track Workout 5-8-13

Today was a tale of 2 runs, the first a nice easy planned one and the second a bit unexpected – at the last minute I found that I needed […]