Quarry Road Trail Series in Waterville, Maine

No I am not running in this series, instead this is part of my giving back to running, by being a volunteer at the Quarry Road Trail Series every Tuesday night at the Quarry Road Trails through August 6th.

Quarry Road Summer Race Series 2013 Flyer

I hope to see you there Smile

ATTENTION Runners & Trail Enthusiasts:

Tuesday, June 4th will kick off the first week of the Quarry Road Summer Race Series, a 10 week trail run series at the Quarry Road Recreation Area in Waterville, ME. Every Tuesday night at 6pm from, June 4th – August 6th, there will be races offered with distances varying from 3k-10k on the Quarry Road Recreation Area and connecting trails.

Those wanting to participate can register [ONLY $5!] from 5:00p-5:55p the day of each race, there will be no pre-registration.

Prizes will be awarded to the Top Male & Female finisher each week; additionally, there will be an overall point championship for the series. In addition to top finisher prizes there will also be a number of raffle prizes drawn from each weeks participants.

This is also a great event for children as there will be a weekly Kids Fun Run for children 12 & under that will take place at 5:30p. Distances for the Kids Fun Run will vary from ½ to 1 mile. All fun run participants will receive a gift for participating each week!

For more information on the Quarry Road Summer Race Series please visit our website, http://www.quarryroadraces.com, or our facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/quarryroadraces.

Anyone interested in volunteering may contact Patrick Guerette, pguerette@alfondyouthcenter.org.

A special thank you to all of the 2013 Quarry Road Summer Race Series partners and sponsors.

Overall Series Sponsor: New Balance

Kids Fun Run Sponsor: Gifford’s Ice Cream

Weekly Prize Sponsors: The End Zone, Anytime Fitness, Central Maine Striders, Inland Hospital, Uncle Dean’s Good Groceries, Big G’s Deli, Hannaford, Cianbro

Partners: Waterville Parks & Recreation, Quarry Road Recreation Area, Alfond Youth Center

Originally published by Harold L. Shaw at A Veteran Runnah – http://vetrunnah.com

What Did the Doctor Say?

IMG_0087The pain in my Achilles got so bad yesterday that I did something I hate to do.

Let’s back up a little bit.

After the Miles for Mills 5K on Monday, I knew that I had hurt my left Achilles – probably a strain or some tendonitis, nothing too serious.

However, the way it was feeling wasn’t the kind of pain that I was used to from Achilles tendonitis or a strain and it got me worried.

To be honest I wanted to make sure that I hadn’t done anything real bad to it.
I am not crazy about going to see the doctor, it usually means that something bad is going on. So I called and asked to see the doctor that afternoon and they were able to get me in at 4:00 PM.

The doc kidded around with me, saying he had seen me more in the last 2 weeks than he had in the previous 2 years and a few other good-natured sarcastic comments.

I explained what happened and he checked out my Achilles. After doing some tests and checking my tolerance of pain, he told me he thought that I had a really bad case of Achilles Tendonitis and due to the blood that was pooling at the bottom of the foot, that had probably also done some micro-tears of the Achilles.


I have a lot of respect for my doc and his opinions. So when he told me he wanted me to wear an air cast for at least a week and if there was ANY pain after a week, to wear it for another week.

These recommendations seemed reasonable and were inline with what I sort of expected. Then he shocked me by saying that I could start easy running a week after I took off the air cast. I agreed to do what he recommended without any whining or complaining.

He also offered me some pain meds, because on the pain scale, it was a 7 or 8 and I was having significant problems walking on it. I don’t like taking meds, unless I really have to, so I refused. Which was probably a mistake, because last night I got maybe 2 hours of sleep because of how bad the foot felt. However, if I take pain meds, I tend to do more than I should, so the pain is a way to slow me down.

The doc also agreed that my left hip issue was probably bursitis and discussed that if my left hip continues to bother me that he recommended to have a cortisone shot in 2-3 weeks. Hopefully, the bursitis calms down enough to not have to worry about it, with my current no running status.

Air Cast

Right after lunch today, I was finally able to get my walking air cast on and while I was skeptical about what kind of difference it would actually make. Just having my leg immobilized made a huge difference and I haven’t felt the need use any pain-killer for the past few hours.


The reality is that

Getting my legs right and ensuring that I do this rehab correctly, is too important for me to screw it up. I need to be able to start training again as soon as possible, to be ready to being my Marine Corp Marathon Training the beginning of July.

I did think it was a little funny, that after I left the doctor’s office this afternoon, I also got my appointment to see a specialist next Monday, about why my right foot gets so painful after running 5-6 miles. Right now, this is the least of my problems. I would happily trade to only having this issue and still be able to keep running, but I will walk in on my crutches and air cast on and then have them look at my other foot, explaining that should be interesting.

Oh well things are progressing and I still believe that training for the Marine Corps Marathon is still well within my reach. I just have to get through the next few weeks and not be stupid about things.

I know that some of you disagree with my decision to competitively run the Miles for Mills 5K, but even with what I know today, I would still make the same choices. It was important to me to do that and while this problem with my left Achilles has been inconvenient to say the least, but I will heal.

Time to Re-Focus on Quality Over Quantity

My Desktop 5-25-13This post does not have anything to do with running or health and fitness – it is strictly about the quality of my blog posts and a couple of strategies that I am going to use to improve them.

Over the past month I have been re-reading a lot of my posts while attempting to figure out my training mistakes and how I got injured. Unfortunately, while re-reading what I have posted, I am disappointed in the quality of my writing!

To be blunt – I saw that I have been sloppy, lazy and very undisciplined in my writing, editing and what I am publishing on A Veteran Runnah.
I also know that I am going back and making major revisions and corrections to what I have initially published far too often. As a former English teacher and technical writer in other jobs that I have had, this is unacceptable and I know that I should be doing a better job and take more pride in what I am publishing.

So I have to do something about it!

The first step was to identify what my expectations are – I have gone through and updated an old writing guide that I used when I was an English teacher, to meet my needs now as a blogger.

Also I made this document the background on my computer’s desktop (as you can see by the above photo) as a constant reminder for me to look at. I know that I will read it much more often on my computer’s background, than if I just file it away after updating it and say I will open it every time I start to write a new post or article – I know me and I won’t.

These two components are parts of my commitment to improve the quality of my posts and will help get me back in the habit of thinking about what I am doing when I am writing, instead of simply putting words on the screen and hitting publish.

Desktop 5-28-13

Here is my writing guide in a more readable format that I am using as my computer’s background:


A. When is it due? How much time do you have before you have to submit?

B. Define your purpose and focus

(1) Who are you writing about?

(2) What are you actually writing about?
Be bold – say what you mean, mean what you say!

(3) Where does/did it take place?

(4) When does/did it take place?

(5) Why share this, what is the benefit?

(6) How does writing this help the reader or you?

C. Identify your Audience

(1) Who are you writing this for?
(2) What writing style are you using – personal story, narrative, how to, etc.2. PRE-WRITING

A. Gather Ideas

(1) Research, Reading and taking Notes
(2) Observations
(3) Brainstorming
(4) Interviewing/Asking questions
(5) Personal Experience

B. Organize Ideas

(1) Mind Map
(2) Outline
(3) Lists


A. Go full screen, turn off notifications and TV, video or podcasts
B. Just write – do not judge or think about it – just write
C. No editing, adding photos, formatting, etc.


A. Does the title grab the reader or is it boring?
B. Strong Introduction? What is your Hook? Does it work?
C. Is the writing focused on one idea or theme and supports what you meant to say.
D. If multiple or unrelated ideas/themes are written about, are there clear transition points?
E. Does writing communicate clearly what you intended to your audience?
F. Is what you have written well organized? Remember writing a blog post is different from writing a formal paper. Shorter paragraphs (get in – get out).
G. Strong Conclusion? Do you have one? Does it tie the writing together?
H. Proofread – use Spellcheck after every revision

(1) Check for errors in grammar
(2) Check for errors in spelling
(3) Check for errors in capitalization and punctuation
(4) Meets editor style requirements
(5) Meets Word Count limits


A. Do something else after each revision for at least 30 minutes (if you have time).6. Final Copy

A couple of things that I forgot to include and will in future revisions to my writing guide:

  • Be Concise! I tend to be overly wordy.
  • Have links back to other posts that are related.
  • Check all links to make sure that they work correctly and that the if box is checked after publishing, if necessary.

I believe that by going through this process of revising my old class writing will help me improve the quality of my blog posts. Doing this forced me to really look at what I need to do, to write higher quality posts.

It is better to take my time and do it right the first time, instead of having to go back and make corrections repeatedly to posts I have published in my rush to get them on my blog. Will I make mistakes – yes, but there will be far fewer of them then there have been lately.
I know that I will be doing a better job of thinking about what I am writing, editing it and the quality, before I hit that publish button.

Did I miss anything that I really need to add to my writing guide?

How about you, what do you do when you think your writing is becoming undisciplined or you are not taking the time to publish quality posts?

Sometimes Ya Gotta Do – What Ya Gotta Do

Have you ever gone to a race, knowing that you shouldn’t run, much less race and gotten caught up in the moment and gone ahead and raced any way?

As you know from all my whining over the past few weeks, that I have been battling against hip issues. Last week I had finally turned the corner and was walking without any pain, working out on the elliptical and believe it or not even running very short distances with minimal discomfort.

I was about a week away from resuming training.

Until yesterday!

I was at the Miles for Mills 5K race and when I left the house yesterday morning I planned to “only” walk or spectate at the race. During the pre-race activities, I got very inspired by Travis Mills and wanted to honor him in a small way, in the only way that I could – by running in “his” race.


I decided that I had healed enough…I put on my racing flats and calf sleeves and gave the best that I had yesterday. You can read the recap here.
I won’t be running for a while – again.

Don’t feel sorry for me, because I don’t.

Looking back and thinking about it, even knowing what I know this morning, I would run the Miles for Mills 5K again. Sometimes ya gotta do, what ya gotta do and after seeing what Travis has and will go through, there was no way that I could not have run or given anything less than the best that I could give during the race.

Choosing to run yesterday, will cause me some discomfort for a few days, but I will heal and I will be back to “normal for me running” sooner or later.

Travis’ injuries are permanent and he will never go back to who he was before.

After watching Travis speak and then run, it really hit home how lucky I am and most of us are to be able to run, walk or live our lives the way that we choose and how quickly our lives could change.

Travis’ remarkable resiliency, motivation and unconquerable spirit are the kind of stories that need to be shared to show what someone can accomplish. In spite of his horrible wounds and the tremendous obstacles that have been placed in Travis’ life as a result of a war in a foreign land, he continues to push forward.

Travis Mills – you are a true American Hero.


Please visit his website – Travis Mills – American Hero

I know that I will carry the images and memories of Travis with me for a long time and will use them to motivate me. If Travis can overcome or a least live with the obstacles placed in his way, I damn well better be able to.

Miles for Mills 5K Race Recap

Okay before anyone says that I was an idiot – I agree with you, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

What are you talking about Harold?

I went to the Miles for Mills 5K expecting to walk it, guess what – I didn’t.

Why not?

Harold you haven’t really run since May 3rd and your hip was just beginning to feel no pain when walking, so why in the hell did you run in a race today, especially when you KNEW what the result would be?

This is why!


If Travis Mills can run a race with no arms and no legs, how in the hell can I with all good conscience not run, especially wearing Team RWB colors.

So I did.

I told myself that I was just going to go slow and then right before the start I told Laura – I just going to go until I can’t anymore and see how I do. I spent the first mile and half in 4th or 3rd place and finally passed the guy who had been holding down 2nd around 1.5 miles.

There were about 6-7 of us that were in the pack and I was holding off the eventual women’s winner (who finished 2nd) and was feeling good. However, coming around the final left turn, with about .5 miles left, I landed and twisted a little, with my foot planted and it was all I could do to struggle to finish. All the rest of the way my hip was telling me very loudly about how stupid I was to be running today and with a quarter mile to go, my left achilles, joined in the chorus.

Between the lack of training and my hip and achilles hurting, I ended up finishing 5th. Which was a little disappointing, but hey, I gave it a good effort and was very surprised and pleased at how I did. I am doing LOTs of icing the hip and listening to it complain about what idiot I was to have even thought about running today.

Miles for Mills Garmin Stats 5-27-13

It ended up being my second fastest 5K of the year, so while I was a little disappointed that I didn’t hang onto second, I am happy with the fact that I did run and did okay.

Oh well – like I said if Travis can run, I am not going to let a little thing like this stop me from running.


Travis has a dream to help other veterans and the local newspaper has already got an article up that explains it a lot better than I can – here is the link. If you would like to learn more about Travis’ dreams and plans here is his website.

Here are photos of other Team RWB members from todays race.

View album
Miles For Mills 5K

View albumView albumView albumView albumView album

If I had it do over, I wouldn’t change my decision to have run in this race, the only thing I would have done differently would have been to run faster when my hip was not bothering me.

All I can say is that Travis and the other veterans that were there today, certainly inspired me!

Focusing on What I CAN Do!

IMG_20130521_175148_758Okay so I can’t freaking run and haven’t been able to for over 3 weeks. Yes it sucks and is definitely getting in the way of my training/racing goals!

I have a feeling I have been down this road before and know what I have to do to get through it, if I want to be able to train for the Marine Corps Marathon this year.

Let the hip heal and go by that instead of testing it every day and continuing to re-injure whatever is going on in there.

I have been whining and gnashing my teeth, all without doing a damn bit of good and accomplishing nothing but putting on weight – I have gained 5 pounds in those three weeks. Too much emotional eating and not enough exercise to burn it off.

Well today the pity party is now officially over, it is time to suck it up, look at what I can do versus what I can’t do and DO IT!

If my cat and dog can drink out of the same bowl without trying to kill one another, I can do more than simply sit on my ass and whine about what I can’t do.

So what can I do?

Walk – I can walk up to around 3.0 miles fairly comfortably – I know my hip is there and not quite right, but it is not painful, so I will walk more!

View album
Back Bay–Portland, ME.

View albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView album

I did 3.0 miles around Back Bay in Portland (one of my favorite places to run) yesterday and another 3.0 miles today down-back today, with minimal discomfort in my hip.

Stair Climber – Yep the old stair climber


did 10 minutes pain-free on it

Rowing Machine – Did 50 rows on it no problems


I thought it might bother, so I was very conservative – it didn’t

Bike – If it ever stops raining for a day or so, or maybe I will just go up back and ride in the mud and have fun – it is a mountain bike after-all


Weights – I can push weights around no problem


20 reps on a variety of exercises

Inversion – I can hang upside down like a bat on my Inversion table,


5 minutes upside down including crunches and other stuff – will hang upside down more.

Eat – I can still shovel food down the pie hole with the best of them, now to start putting less down that chute and be more aware of what goes in.


Salad, quiche, peas and Green Tea

So there is still plenty that I can do, even if I can’t run, but it sure is strange that I can still do all of this stuff and my hip not bother me, but as soon as I start 3-4 steps of running, my hip hurts like hell????

Oh well, now is the time to be patient and let whatever is wrong with my hip heal, so that I can get back to my running, sooner rather than later. Now to get to my chores cleaning the bathroom, emptying cat boxes and damp mopping the floors – a well and thoroughly trained house husband.

How is the new Sony Vaio Laptop Doing?

Since I can’t run right now and the weather outside sucks for doing yard work, I have had some extra time to work on setting up my new Sony Vaio Windows 8 laptop.

Sony Vaio5-19-13

It doesn’t matter what operating system or brand of computer it is, getting a computer setup so that it works the way that I work takes time and will be something I will be working on for a while.

Since I am going from Google’s Chrome and Apple’s OS-X to Windows 8, it has been an interesting learning experience and actually not all that bad.

Windows Desktop 5-23-13

I like this start screen and I have this on my desktop just to keep reminding me of my personal writing process.

So far I am very happy with the Vaio and glad that I got the touch screen, along with the larger screen.

The Pros

  • I am familiar with Windows, having used it since Windows 1.0 and once you get by the interface shell, it is Windows.
  • Choice – Microsoft hasn’t completely locked down the system – yet (it is coming and they will create another silo). So for now I can still choose to download software of my choosing to make my computer – my computer and have it do what I want, instead of limiting me to what a particular brand silo allows/wants me to do.
  • Windows 8 is almost like I have 2 computers in one case
  • one that is made for touch
  • the other is made for mouse/keyboard
  • I can use Windows Live Writer again.
  • My Sony is not as portable as the Chromebook or a tablet, but for my purposes it works quite well.
  • The keyboard has a number key pad.
  • I can go to Metro when I want or need to or just stay in desktop mode, which is where I will spend 90% of my time. So I have the best of both worlds and the choice about what I want to do (as long as I can download the “right for me” software, instead of being forced to just use the Metro interface and Apps from the Microsoft Store.
  • Microsoft should have just stayed with the name Metro interface, it fits and that is what we call it any way.

The Cons

  • The formerly named Metro interface, the one  that Windows 8 is optimized for, is intriguing, but not really what I am looking for.
  • Personally, I am not all that impressed with its appearance – it is dull and fugly.Screenshot (2)
  • The way Windows 8 comes at setup, is at best clunky (a technical term if ever I said one) and confusing, especially if you have software that is both an App and Desktop legacy software i.e. OneNote.
  • I have been using the Windows desktop for many, many years and I am much more comfortable with keyboard/mouse data entry, than I am the tile interface and its idiosyncrasies. After a couple of days of beating my head against the clunkiness, I decided to download Start Menu 8, get the Start Menu back and make the Desktop my primary interface.

Once I did that, everything fell into place and I am now liking my new Sony Vaio Laptop a LOT. It should be interesting to see how it looks a few weeks from now.

Which Runner Are You?

Runners are often complex and misunderstood creatures.

We have so many conflicting emotions, thoughts and feelings about our chosen sport, that it seems to others that we are more than just a little WACKED!

Personally, I probably qualify for several diagnoses in the DSM-IV or V, just because I am a runner, but that is another story and post that I will never write about, because I don’t want to seem to trivialize the seriousness of the nature of the what is in that book.

Right now I  there are a couple of different running personalities competing for dominance, with wildly conflicting ideas about what running is and what it means to be a runner.

There are Runner #1 and Runner #2

Runner #1

  • Ultra Competitive, finishing well in the race or age group is important
  • Has major goals and sub goals to get to those major
  • Setting up training plans 3-6 months in advance
  • Every run has has a specific reason for being part of the “plan”
  • Sticking pretty much to the plan
  • Tracking mileage/time religiously down to nearest tenth of a mile
  • Racing every couple of weeks
  • Only runs on the track and roads – the predictability
  • Can’t find the right shoe
  • Just a little prissy
  • Push to run faster, no time to stop and take pictures
  • Embraces pain and discomfort to achieve goal times
  • Runs through injuries
  • Almost all running photos show a grimace

Runner #2

  • Smiles and laughs a lot,
  • No pressure about who finishes where
  • Run according to feel, runs hard when feeling like
  • Time/speed doesn’t really matter
  • Free spirited
  • Spontaneous
  • Racing occasionally, pushes hard during the race, but really focused on social aspect
  • Prefers trails and surprises around the corner
  • Distance are measured to “or so” is close enough
  • Mud, dirt, rain are cool
  • Stops and smells the roses and has a full photo album from many runs
  • Did I say Smiles a lot
  • Only goal is to just run and be in the run
  • Shoes run in what you got and not be too worried about what they are and what their specific use is supposed to be

There is nothing wrong with being either runner or a combination of the two lists because in reality most of us fall somewhere along the continuum of these two extremes. We have traits from both lists and often go back and forth between the two, dependent upon if we are or are not training for a specific event, race or even who we are running with.

Currently, I am falling more and more into the the Runner #1 philosophical camp, because of my focus on preparing and training to run the Marine Corps Marathon in October. This has its good and bad points, but you know something since I got injured earlier this month and haven’t been able to really run the way that I planned, I am starting to really re-think and look at the different perspective about running that I am incorporating into my life – are they the direction that I really want to go?

When I decided to run Marine Corps and publicly stated a very ambitious time goal, it put a lot of pressure on me to achieve that goal. I knew that I would need to have a much more structured training plan to meet those goals, than I have used in the past, so I changed how trained quite dramatically over the past 5-6 months.

However, the deeper I get into the Runner #1 mentality, the more uncomfortable I am becoming. I find that I am missing the freedom and spontaneity that I enjoyed over the years when I trained with more of Runner #2’s perspective.

I am wondering if Runner #1 is the runner that I really am or want to be? It isn’t who I had been for many years and I am wondering if I have moved too far along the continuum towards Runner #1 and might be negatively affecting my running.

There lies the issue, how do or how can I resolve the my intense dislike for structured training in my running and the ultra competitive perspective that I tend to get when I train in that manner? How do or can I incorporate a more relaxed and enjoyable perspective, while still putting myself in a position to achieve my ambitious marathon goals.

Is there a way to merge the two runners described above or do I just have to suck it up through October, do the structured training program, be the more competitive Harold, hopefully meet my marathon goals and then go back to being mostly runner #2?

If you have some advice for me on this one, I would appreciate it, because I certainly am wondering how I can reconcile and merge the two very different runners inside of me into one that won’t drive me too batshit crazy ;-).

Broken Computer & Good Doctor’s Appointment

IMAG0660I haven’t been posting much for a bit, so what’s been going on?

Sunday was an interesting day, my cat decided that he wanted to be affectionate and entwined himself around my legs, while I was walking into the living room and  tripped me.

Unfortunately, I was carrying my Chromebook computer in my hand and when I went down to the floor, I face planted the laptop into the brick fireplace.

Needless to say the laptop didn’t survive!


Nope the screen isn't supposed to look like that or lie flat
No the screen isn’t supposed to look like that and the laptop isn’t supposed to be laying flat! Crying face

I need a computer that is reliable and works, since I work from home, so this meant that I had to get another computer ASAP. While I really liked my Chromebook, it always seemed that I was doing work-arounds to get it to do what I needed to get done (beyond social media), in the Windows based world that I tend to work in.

So I went ahead and shopped locally (3 stores). I ended up buy – yes a personal purchase, with a Sony Vaio 15.5” Ultrabook at BestBuy. It had decent specs, had a touch screen and was priced fairly reasonably.

This time I got a luggable computer instead of a super lightweight one, because I don’t really travel all that much and the screen real estate/resolution is more important than portability to me. Travelling from my desk in the dining room, to my chair in the living room is about as far my computer goes most of the time.

The cat will be launched if he tries the trip routine, while carrying this laptop Winking smile

I also picked up a copy of Microsoft Office 2013, it just makes my life easier and a lot less miserable not having to deal with compatibility issues, that I was with Google Docs to Microsoft Office and then use Dropbox to connect everything together.

Sony Vaio5-19-13

To be honest I have been very hesitant about moving to a Windows 8 machine, because of all the horror stories and the many tech pundits that have written about how bad it is. But I decided to bite the bullet and just do it.

From what I can see it really isn’t all that much different from Windows 7 once you get to the desktop. I have been going through the setup, updating, picking out software I want/need to use and learning how to use Windows 8.

So far I am happy with my decision and once I got past the mental road block that has been put in place by others, I am enjoying my new computer. Windows 8 (which really hasn’t been that bad – I think of it as Symbaloo start screen on steroids).

That is part of the reason that I have been so quiet on the social media front, getting my new computer setup the way that I want it, just takes time. At least I can go back to using Windows Live Writer for the blog, which I did miss.

That and not running. Which is starting to really, really SUCK!!!!

Doctor’s Appointment

Oh well, at least my physical went GREAT yesterday, blood work came back and cholesterol levels were the best they have been in years! My doc was very POSITIVE about the progress I had made over the past couple of years he hasn’t seen me and even asked my advice about some running questions he had.

He is setting up an appointment with a Sports Doc for me about my right foot issues and I have a feeling that the issues with my left hip are going be bigger part of that appointment than the foot. I can run 6-7 miles pretty much with no problem with the foot, but I can’t run at all without pain in my hip right now, so that will take precedence.

While I am staying pretty positive about this hip thing, I am starting to get a little frustrated! I took 4 days off (basically 5 since I didn’t get more than 10 yards last Wednesday) and when I tried an easy mile run on the treadmill yesterday, I didn’t get 1/2 mile done before my hip started to hurt again.

Oh well, at least I can still walk mostly pain-free, lift weight, do my stretches, foam roll and when it isn’t raining get on my bike. I even did 10 excruciating but pain-free minutes on the bike at the gym yesterday Smile

It Ain’t Running, But It Will Have to Do

Hey I did the unimaginable — I rode my bike!

The first time I have ridden for any significant distance for quite a while and my hip didn’t bother me at all during the ride. Which means that I have something that I can do while it is recuperating and not lose all of my conditioning.

I cheated and used my Garmin to track my ride, it made for GREAT run times, but not so good bicycling times. However, I am actually pretty satisfied with the “first” ride in a long time, but I still have some adjustments to make on the bike so that it doesn’t bother my knee

Bike riding isn’t all that bad, but it isn’t running, but it will have to do for now.