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Month: July 2013

A Week of Progress

I have changed my schedule back to Monday through Friday and back to a mileage based training schedule. This old way is what I know and what I have done […]

Skechers GoRun2–50 Mile Review

The Skechers GoRun2 is not the running shoe that I would expect from a shoe company with Sketchers’ reputation, especially with how I viewed their attempts at making running shoes […]

Peter Golding 5K Race–Recap

2 Months Later. That has a strange sound to it, because it was exactly 2 months ago that I partially tore my Achilles tendon at the Miles for Mills 5K. […]

Easy 7.0 Miler 7/26/13

Shhhhhhhh! Don’t tell my Physical Therapist that I just ran 7.2 miles. I have a feeling, she might have a coronary or something worse. When she beats on my legs […]

Light At the End of The Tunnel

There is something up ahead, no, no it can’t be, it is, is, that is light. There is light at the end of this damn tunnel. It is still a […]

Relieved and Moving On

Sometimes we just get too tired to do a blog post and that was how I felt last night. After getting back from volunteering at the Quarry Road Trail Race […]

Good News and Another 1st Run

This morning I had a physical therapy appointment and during the appointment, the PT did a couple of things that made me feel a lot better about my most recent […]

Frustrated and We Will See

Sometimes it seems as though I can’t win for loosing, in other words, the following words are dripping with frustration and the need for a big whoopie pie and an […]

A Little More than I Should Have

The Achilles is starting to feel a lot better, so now is the time I need to be extremely careful to not over-do it. Those are the words of my […]

HOT Run = Character Building

All I can say is that today was HOT! The official weather site in Augusta that Garmin uses says it was only 82, however the house thermometer which was in […]

Skechers Go Run2–First Run

I got out and did my first run in the Skechers GoRun2’s and I loved them. No I am not going to gush and say how great they are and […]