June 2013 Looking Back–Being Injured Sucks

June was a TOUGH month for me as far as my running is concerned. I didn’t run until the end June and then still didn’t make 10 miles for the whole month.

However, my Achilles tendon IS getting better and I am slowly starting to run again.

Weekly RunTotal 6-30-13

When I ran 20 minutes yesterday, I definitely could tell that I haven’t trained regularly for a couple of months! Reality is starting to set in about how much of a toll the injuries I have had since May 3rd have affected my running and how deconditioned for running I have become.

Yes it really sucks.

It almost feels as though I have to start over now that I am running again. I know that I don’t, but it is very apparent that it will take me a little longer to get back to where I was, than I thought it would – ah well such are runner’s problems.

At least I am starting to run again, so there is hope left in the world!!!


Physical Therapy

My physical therapist doesn’t have any issues with me running (she is a runner and understands my idiocy), as long as I:

  • warm-up first
  • keep it slower (around 9:00 minute pace, preferably slower),
  • don’t over do it  – no more than 30 minutes of running, (I need to clarify this one, is it – at a time or a day) Winking smile.
  • no more than 2 days in a row for a couple of weeks,
  • stop running if there is any sharp or increased pain
  • stop running if I start to limp at all during a run
  • after each run I go through my stretching routine and ice it.

I will do those things.

However, while the damn thing is healing, it is still tight and can be painful when the PT pokes and prods it in that gentle manner that she has – yeah right!

Both Achilles have a lot of scar tissue built up from previous injuries and the most recent one is still tender and she finds every single place it is tender – too quickly and easily. The Tailor’s Bunionette on the right foot is responding to therapy a lot faster and better than my Achilles, so at least one side is getting better quickly.

The Achilles slooooowwwwww progress is bumming me out more than a little bit. I know slow and steady, but I just want to run and be able to train for the Marine Corps Marathon.

Running Gear

My Mizuno Wave Rider 16’s are doing good and I like them a lot so far. I traded to get my old Elixir 7’s back and have started to wear them as my knock around or wet weather running shoes. That way I don’t have to wear out the Wave Riders as my walking AND running shoes.

Yes I tried my lower drop running shoes and they bother my Achilles a lot more than my 12mm drop shoes when I wear them, so I don’t and probably won’t wear them again, until my Achilles is fully healed.

Which means that I have a pair of Brooks Pure Flow2’s with 0.0 running miles


and a pair of Saucony Viratta’s with just over 9.2 running miles.


They might have 3.0 additional miles of walking on them too.

Both are men’s size 8.5 and are just sitting in my closet. Let’s make a deal, if you have a pair of low mileage light weight trainers that are collecting dust in your closet – Mizuno, Brooks, or similar shoes that are 10-12mm drop in a men’s 8.5, let’s talk about doing a Yankee swap. I would even consider a pair of trail shoes Winking smile

I just hate seeing them sitting there and not being able to run in them.

What Happens Next

I have done a lot of reflecting on what I want to do running-wise and after this injury am going to try to do a few things differently, but a lot will depend on what the doctor says on July 8th.

That date will probably also mean a couple of other very difficult decisions will have to be made about the Marine Corps Marathon and whether I train for it or not.

If I had to make the choice today, it wouldn’t be the one that I want to make, but I am hopeful that after a week of semi-regular running that the old body will respond quickly to what I am doing and I get to make the decision that I WANT to make.

Wish me fast healing over the next week.

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