The First Run That Felt Like a Run

I wasn’t sure about running today, with the temps in the 90’s, but at the same time my Achilles was feeling good and I really wanted to run! So I did.

Slowly at first, but it was running and even though the Achilles was tight, it was not painful. I worked hard to just have a comfortable gait and keep moving ahead. I know that I am not acclimated to running or working out in this heat, so I kept monitoring myself very closely.

SURPRISINGLY – I felt good through out the run and could have kept going no problem, but I am going to be very conservative while I re-establish my base. Since I no longer have the pressure of worrying about having to train for MCM, I can just relax, enjoy the run and go slowly during my return.

Yes, I have lost a lot of conditioning, but not as bad as I thought it would be.

While this is not my first run since my injury, I consider it my first real run and when I finished, I had a big grin and knew that I will be back as a runnah.