A Meh Day in the Recovery Process

I am not going to lie and say that every time out that I have a great run or that my recovery from my Achilles tendon issues is all peaches and cream, because it isn’t.

I have good days, meh days and bad days and today was just one of those meh days.

Yes, it was still hot and miserable, but not as bad as yesterday.

Running on dirt roads is supposed to be easier on your legs, so I planned on a 30 minute run down-back – after I got through walking Bennie. It turns out that it was not such a great idea.

Did my wam-up routine and started to run. I felt fine until about 3/4’s of a mile, when I start experience an increase in the discomfort from my heel, it still didn’t hurt, but was getting ready to so stopped and started to walk for a ways.

I got to the top of the little knoll down there, when a guy on a road bicycle stopped and asked for directions to the nearest tar, I told him and we chatted for a couple of seconds. This was also my turn-around point, so I walked back down the knoll and my foot felt fine again, so I slowly ran behind the bike and I could hear him muttering every time he hit a rock or bump with the bike.

When I got back to Stevens Hill, I stopped and walked up it, yes I could have run, but I want to make sure I don’t stress the Achilles too much and running up bigger hills like that one are still a no no. That going slow thing.

However, once I started running again after I passed the upper gate, my left foot began to bother again so I stopped and walked, until I got to the tar. Once there, my foot wasn’t bothering again, so I tried running again and kept running slowly for the next nine minutes.

I have a feeling that discomfort I was feeling had a lot to do with the uneven footing and rocks on the dirt road, because once I got back on the tar, I didn’t have any issues as long as I kept my pace slower. I think that the combination of an hour Bennie walk on the dirt road, plus trying to run immediately after the Bennie walk downback was just too much too soon for the Achilles.

What did I really focus on today – running quietly. When I purposely tried to run quietly on the tar, I didn’t feel any discomfort in my foot, but I am not strong enough yet to maintain that gait or stride for long. It will come, I just have to go slow and be patient, both are things I am not good at, but attempting to get better.

What did I learn from this run. Don’t go for a run, immediately after walking Bennie 3.0 miles on a uneven dirt road, my leg is not ready for that, especially if I am running on the same rocky dirt road with uneven footing right after. Second that if I focus on running quietly, my form seems to take care of itself.