The Final Nail in the Coffin and a BUSY Day!

Wow – finally a chance to sit down and relax for a second. It has been one of those kinds of day – you know the one where you are running here and there and everywhere to get a lot of things done.

First I went to the DMV to get my license renewed, it didn’t take as long as I thought, but at the same time it still took a lot longer than I wanted.

treadmill 7-8-13

The important part of the day – I did a 10:00 minute warm-up, 10:00 minutes at 6.5 mph (9:13 pace), 10:00 minutes at 7.0 mph (8:33) and a 5:00 minute cool-down. Then I went in abused my body with the foam roller and did about 30 minutes of stretching.

Ortho Appointment

Drive an hour to Lewiston to see my Ortho

The good news was he said I was doing great, but that I have some thickening of the Achilles tendon and it will probably always bother me a little. He said I can run, but to come back conservatively.

We talked about my running a marathon this year and he concurred with the PT’s recommendation not to run it completely. He said that if I still have pain in the achilles and have some running restrictions for at least another month, that there is no way I should start marathon training.

If I did he gave me a 50/50 chance of getting to the marathon uninjured at best, and that might be a good chance of re-injury, especially with the mentality that he has seen from me in the few times he has seen me. Paraphrasing here: I am that guy that will do whatever he has to, to finish.

He almost sounded relieved, when I told him that I had decided not to run the marathon.

So I am cleared of seeing him again, unless something goes wrong, but I still have the rest of the month being beat on in physical therapy – which is a good thing.

Final Nail

Still this conversation was the final nail in the coffin for running the Marine Corps Marathon. I had held out that glimmer of hope, that the doctor would pooh pooh the PT’s recommendation and tell me that running the marathon would be the best thing in world and that he strongly recommended going for it – I know it was a pipe dream, but runners hold onto dreams like that until that final last gasp.

I have had the last gasp – the stake is through the heart of the my running the Marine Corps Marathon and the dream is dust and done.

I can now move on in peace, find new goals and best of all – keep smiling.

Then to drive almost an hour back to Augusta, stop at Staples and get supplies on list supplied by TheWife

Another New Pair of Running Shoes

Go to Famous Footwear to look at sandals, I wasn’t excited by anything they had.

I ended up looking at new trail shoes (me look at running shoes, whaddaya talking about), but none felt right, so I tried on a pair of Skechers, GoRun2’s because Pete Larson recommended them so highly a few months ago. When I tried them on they felt very comfortable, so I figured worst case they would be a great pair of shoes to walk in.

I went up to the counter to see if they could get the colors that I wanted, when I did they checked and said they could and they would ship them to me for free.

The great part was the shoes just went on sale and when they checked my rewards membership I had a $25.00 credit, so the GoRun2’s only cost me $36.00. So for that price they are definitely worth experimenting with.

I will be interested to see how they do in the real world. Yes, an unexpected running shoe purchase, but at such a deal that I couldn’t pass them up.

So that was just a busy day, but I got a lot done, got my run in and bought another pair of running shoes to experiment with.

RunLog 7-8-13

Frustrated and Finally a Run in Brooks PureFlow 2

You gotta love it when a post you wrote suddenly is only 1/2 there, a couple of hours after you have published it and it 10:30 PM.

After looking for a non-existent back-up or .temp file, you end up at 11:30 PM, sitting on the computer to re-write the missing part.

That is what happened to my Re-Thinking How I Train post. One that I have been working on for the past week. Quit whining about it Harold, but if you see it getting edited a little more than I have been re-editing my posts lately – that is why.

Okay enough, enough already, get back to writing your post on yesterday’s run.

I finally ran in my Brooks PureFlow 2’s yesterday (I only got them back in May) and the lower drop didn’t seem to bother me at all – after all the research, I was worried that the extra drop would bother my Achilles – good news it didn’t seem to.

If anything they felt very good for a first run. The one thing that I have really been focusing on for the past couple of days is running quietly and in these shoes, I definitely run quieter than I have in a long time.

So I will write up an initial on the PureFlow’s sometime this week, but after one run they seem to be very comfortable and definitely well-cushioned.

I ran in Waterville on a fairly flat course that had just a couple of rolls to it, so that part was good and I could have sped up a lot in front of the Alfond Center, but decided to just stay conservative.

The run itself was very good, I went the farthest I have run since I was injured and was able to maintain my old recovery run pace for the run, which was very encouraging to say the least.

This morning my Achilles is a little tighter than it has been, but I didn’t really treat it all that great for the past few days, so I expected some barking back at me. So today will either be a treadmill (it bothers me less) or an ellipitical day at the gym.

That is what I have to keep looking out for and not do – going too fast or far, too soon. I want to feel as if I could have gone farther and faster at the end of all of my runs until sometime in August when I get back to training again. All I want to accomplish right now is to re-establish my time running base and get used to some of the changes to my training/running that I describe in my Re-Thinking How I Train post.

Overall, a very good run.