Frustrated and Finally a Run in Brooks PureFlow 2

You gotta love it when a post you wrote suddenly is only 1/2 there, a couple of hours after you have published it and it 10:30 PM.

After looking for a non-existent back-up or .temp file, you end up at 11:30 PM, sitting on the computer to re-write the missing part.

That is what happened to my Re-Thinking How I Train post. One that I have been working on for the past week. Quit whining about it Harold, but if you see it getting edited a little more than I have been re-editing my posts lately – that is why.

Okay enough, enough already, get back to writing your post on yesterday’s run.

I finally ran in my Brooks PureFlow 2’s yesterday (I only got them back in May) and the lower drop didn’t seem to bother me at all – after all the research, I was worried that the extra drop would bother my Achilles – good news it didn’t seem to.

If anything they felt very good for a first run. The one thing that I have really been focusing on for the past couple of days is running quietly and in these shoes, I definitely run quieter than I have in a long time.

So I will write up an initial on the PureFlow’s sometime this week, but after one run they seem to be very comfortable and definitely well-cushioned.

I ran in Waterville on a fairly flat course that had just a couple of rolls to it, so that part was good and I could have sped up a lot in front of the Alfond Center, but decided to just stay conservative.

The run itself was very good, I went the farthest I have run since I was injured and was able to maintain my old recovery run pace for the run, which was very encouraging to say the least.

This morning my Achilles is a little tighter than it has been, but I didn’t really treat it all that great for the past few days, so I expected some barking back at me. So today will either be a treadmill (it bothers me less) or an ellipitical day at the gym.

That is what I have to keep looking out for and not do – going too fast or far, too soon. I want to feel as if I could have gone farther and faster at the end of all of my runs until sometime in August when I get back to training again. All I want to accomplish right now is to re-establish my time running base and get used to some of the changes to my training/running that I describe in my Re-Thinking How I Train post.

Overall, a very good run.

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