Back Cove Run–Hot and Fun

A quick update on the progress my rehab. At yesterday’s PT session, I was cleared to do body weight squats and flat toe raises (assigned to do multiple sets a day of each) and I did.

Usually the day after PT I am sore – she digs in and really breaks up the scar tissue and today was no different, but while the heel area feels tight, the PT also says it is strong enough to work a little harder. So I am making slow, but sure progress back from that partially torn Achilles.

Today was a good test my rehab progress and way to measure of my current conditioning.

Back Cove Map

I was in Portland and had time to run Back Cove, one of my favorite all-time runs, even with the construction on Baxter Blvd.  I was scheduled to do a 30:00 minute run today and I have run a single lap anywhere from 27:00 to 35:00 minutes, so I figured that running it in 31:00 to 33:00 minutes would be a good goal for today.

It was almost 80 degree F and the heat did bother me a little the last mile, but overall, I felt pretty strong and my left heel area didn’t feel too bad.

Back Cove is flat and fast and I could feel my muscle memory coming back a little on the path, I didn’t purposely push the pace, but I did run comfortably harder than I have for a while and I felt good doing it.

Garmin Stats 7-11-13

One thing though – I just couldn’t find a consistent stride, the PF2’s felt well just okay, but I just never felt “right” during the run. My gait just felt off the entire run and I never got comfortable going a little faster than I have since I started to run again.

Maybe it is just a little rust that I need shake off, but is something that I have to keep my eye on, hopefully, it is just one of those things that I have to go through during my comeback.

By the time I hit the bridge, I was starting to get tired, the heat and the faster pace did take it toll and the last mile I slowed down a bit.

When I saw that I had an 8:32 pace for the whole run, I was very, very happy and the idea that I finished under 31:00 was a big deal and gave me a lot of hope that I am in better shape than I had hoped.

However, the bad part was that my heel area was a little more sore than when I started and I wasn’t able to ice it for 3 hours after I finished running and definitely could tell that I needed to ice the heel/Achilles area.

Overall, I was happy with, hell I was ecstatic with this run!

RunLog 7-11-13

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