Skechers GoRun2 – Initial Impressions

IMG_0211I admit it, I am a running shoe snob and “know’ that only certain brands are “real” running shoes and Skechers were not one of those brands.

I have never thought of them as a high-end running shoe and to be honest, they were always marketed for a different audience than I am (being an old fart and a fairly “serious” runner).

In the past when I tried on the Skechers even their casual shoes just didn’t fit me as well as other options.

Skechers – Yeah Right

The one brand of shoes that I never thought I would be excited about running in are Skechers.

After reading reviews of Skechers’ running shoes by bloggers that I read a lot: Pete Larson, Kevin Lu and Christopher Malenab among others, I was very intrigued by their praise about the Go series that Skechers has been developing.

I had tried on the GoRun2’s back in May and even though they did feel much more comfortable on my feet than anything else that I tried on in a long time. I ended up choosing to go with a more traditional running shoe brand, more because of my running shoe snobbery than how the shoes fit.

You know that it has to be a certain brand and cost over a $100 to be a “real” running shoe.

The idea of buying Skechers as a primary running shoe, just didn’t fit my preconceived notions about which brands make quality running shoes, that will work for me.

Until now.

The Price Was Right

However, when I was at Famous Footwear last Monday, I decided to try them on again and I just really loved the way they felt on my feet, but wasn’t sure that I needed to listen to the wife talk to me about why did I need yet another pair of new running shoes.

However, when I found out that they were 25% off and that I also had a $25.00 rewards coupon, so for just over $36.00 I could have a pair of Skechers GoRun2’s delivered to the house, I quickly placed the order and got them this afternoon.

If I am going to experiment with a pair of running shoes, especially a brand that I have never tried before, this was a GREAT price to find out if I would like them or not. Hell – TheWife didn’t even complain about me getting – yet another pair of running shoes at that price.

Enough about how much of a running shoe snob I am and how I ended up with the Skechers GoRun2’s, what are my initial impression of them?

Skechers GoRun2


The GoRun2’s stats are:

  • Weight: 6.7 oz
  • Forefoot: 11mm
  • Midfoot: 20mm
  • Heel: 15mm
  • Drop: 4mm

The build quality was very good, I had a lot fewer loose thread ends and little imperfections in these shoes than I found in another pair of brand name shoes that purchased recently, so that was a very good start



The colors that I ordered are definitely Harold colored shoes!

A Red (which leans a little to the pink scale), orange and Yellow, so I really like the colorway that I chose and there were several other bright colors that I could have chosen instead. So Skechers really nailed my bright color requirements.

The GoRun2’s are in my opinion a great looking running shoe and compares very favorably with the more accepted running shoe brands that I have used.

Sometime over the course of the next week, I will get a pair of LockLaces which I think also make a huge difference in how much I like a pair of shoes. The flat shoelaces do seem to press down a little on the top of my foot, so getting them is something that I really plan on doing soon.

Sole Unit


The sole unit is a pod type with the black being a harder rubber that should help the shoe wear longer. Actually the shoe might be a good multi-purpose choice for me on roads, dirt roads and light trail runs. I do wonder if they will pick up smaller rocks when running down-back or on the side of the road around here?


I ordered a pair of 8.5’s and they felt really great, while walking around the block in them, the best part was during the walk they were very QUIET! No forefoot slap or heel sounds and they just felt…well softer than my other shoes, that I am currently using.

Overall First Impressions


In a word — Comfortable.

That is the word that immediately comes to mind when I think about how they felt when I first put them on and during my walk around the block with Bennie. No hotspots, very flexible and I like the flexible heel counter.

Also they are BRIGHT, they stand out just sitting there on the floor with all my other shoes, my eyes are definitely drawn to them first.

The GoRun2’s are very light weight and no I didn’t really notice the rocker (something that I read so many conflicting opinions about) while walking and can’t wait to run in them tomorrow to see how they really feel then.

The reality is that

Once I got past my own prejudices about who actually makes good running shoes and more than a little bit of running shoe snobbery, my first impressions are extremely favorable.

In fact, I am going out on a limb and say that these shoes are one of the most comfortable shoes as far as their initial comfort that I have worn in a very long time.

Even though these are listed as minimalist shoes and are a 4mm drop running, they seem to have plenty of cushioning and I really can’t wait for the first run in them tomorrow.

However, I have had too many pair of running shoes that I get all excited about when I first get them, gush about how great they are and then somewhere between 50 and 100 miles, I find that they are not the shoes that I expected them to be. So I am going to hold back and not get overly excited about these shoes, until I get to running in them.

That being said, there just seems to be something about these that is different in a good way, so only time will tell.


A Top 10 Day and A Good Run

Today was one of 2013’s top ten days – it was absolutely gorgeous! High 70’s, low humidity and bright sunshine! Personally, I couldn’t have asked for a better day.


I was worried that my Achilles and left heel would be pretty sore after yesterday’s run around Back Cove. Luckily, it didn’t feel any different than it did yesterday morning. So that means that I am making progress.

This morning I went on a 3.0 mile Bennie walk down-back, which bothered me a lot last week, so I waited until later in the day to run. It was a good decision and when I did run, my leg didn’t have the soreness I did last week when I ran immediately after walking.

Garmin Stats 7-12-13

The run itself was really a good one. I went a little slower on the first half mile and as my left heel area loosened up, I relaxed and just ran. Also this course has a few bumps in it, so I kept going up the 3 little hills to see how how things felt. There was no change, which is what I wanted!

I had to run to pickup my truck from the repair shop from where I lost the brakes coming back from Quarry Road Trail Series run a week and a half ago. Unfortunately when I got there, they told me that the water pump was also toast (the problem with old trucks), so I won’t get it back until next week now.

This is the most dangerous time for me, I am starting to feel better and my running is just starting to feel good, but at the same time I know that the Achilles is only about 60% and that I need to still be conservative when I am running and walking.

RunLog 7-12-13