Skechers Go Run2–First Run

I got out and did my first run in the Skechers GoRun2’s and I loved them. No I am not going to gush and say how great they are and all that after one run. However, after one run I am impressed with the fit and feel that they gave me while I was running in them.


No I didn’t run on the treadmill, or even only on a tarred road, instead I decided to really test them for a first run an took them down-back.


As you can see it is a dirt road that has lots and lots of different sized rocks to step on and get stuck in shoes. I did not have to pick a single rock out of the tread of the GoRun2’s, which is a pretty important consideration when you run on this kind of road a lot. This is where I run a lot of my runs and where many of the so-called “minimalist” shoes have met their match. The GR2’s did a good job down here and performed about how I expected them too.

They have very good ground feel, probably a little too much for running regularly on this course, but it just means that I have to pay attention to where I am putting my feet, because if you step on some of these rocks you will definitely feel it.

Midfoot Landing

As far as the shoe promoting a midfoot strike, they do. What I liked was that when I was running on tar, they were very quiet, which I have found to mean that I am running efficiently and landing with a midfoot strike, which is what I want to do.

Garmin Stats 7-13-13

The hardest part was keeping my pace slower, I kept wanting to speed up, but I have told my PT that I would stay above a 8:30 pace, but it was easy to run faster when I was on pavement.

Achilles Tendon

At no time during the run was there any increase in the discomfort of my Achilles tendon, I started out with it in the 2-3 range and ended in the 2 range and that was even going slowly up Steven’s Hill (yes I ran up a small hill). I knew the Achilles was there the whole time, but the pain level didn’t increase like it has been with my other shoes???? Not sure of why this was, but that is how the Achilles felt.

The Cons

  • If you land with your heel on a rock, you know that you did.
  • I don’t like the shoelaces and will be getting a pair of LockLaces for the shoes this week.

What I am Looking for in a Running Shoe

Otherwise, so far they are what I am looking for in a running shoe

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Good Looking – at least in my opinion
  • Do not suck up and hold rocks in the soles
  • Promote midfoot landing
  • Run quietly in them
  • Feel more cushioned than they should for the stack height.

Most importantly they are comfortable and fit me the way that I want a pair of running shoes to feel when I am running in them.

The reality is that

Overall, it has been a long time since I have been this excited after a first run in pair of running shoes, most of the time it is more of a meh that is over – no big deal.

My first run in the GoRun2’s didn’t feel that way and something that I really liked was that a couple of times during the run – I forgot about the shoes and just enjoyed my run. They had become an extension of my foot.


I really hope that I am saying these same things at the 200 mile point, but right now I would place these shoes right up there or even above almost all of the shoes I have ever worn on a first run, which is saying a lot for me. Especially, since I am purposely attempting to not say too many good things about them.

Needless to say – I am very pleasantly impressed and more than a little surprised that a pair of Skechers felt so good on my feet and that I can’t wait for the next run in them tomorrow!

Let’s see how they are in another  197 or more miles Smile.

RunLog 7-13-13