What Did I Do and Learn This Week? – 7-13-13


Changing my running week from Monday to Friday to Sunday to Saturday, gives me a little more incentive to get back to doing my weekly reviews.
Especially, now that I am starting to run consistently again, with minimal discomfort, which is huge progress.
However, this week I still wasn’t able to get it done before 10:00 PM on Sunday.Oh well, still getting used to the new schedule. 

Three things Running

1. The biggest thing is that I have accepted that I will not be running in the Marine Corps Marathon this year. Yes it sucks, but it is the right decision. I just really started running again this week and while I could probably get myself in good enough shape to finish MCM (at least I would like to believe I could), the doctor and my physical therapist both agree that the probability of re-injuring my Achilles during marathon training is too great for me to chance it.

I reluctantly agreed, it is just so hard when you have worked for something for so long and you have to give up that particular dream.

2. It seems that I am never satisfied with my running shoes and this week I had the opportunity to pick up a pair of running shoes that I kept looking at, but never pulled the trigger, because of the brand’s reputation  – Skechers GoRun2. If my initial impressions mean anything, these could be very disruptive to my idea of what is or who makes running shoes that I want to run in. It should be a very interesting next couple of months as I figure this one out.

3. One change that I have made in my running is that instead of focusing on mileage/pace and using time and effort as the primary guide for planning and measurement of how my running is going. This is a huge change for me and is talking a little bit to wrap my head around it. However, I don’t feel the pressure that I used to always run a certain pace per mile, like I did before. I am still not sure if I like this way of measuring things, but I will do it for the rest of July to give it a real chance.

Bonus: TheWife and I went kayaking yesterday afternoon – just over 3.0 miles and it was great to finally dig them out of the back of the garage.


This was Messalonskee stream in Waterville, just about a perfect day for it.

Running Summary This Week

RunLog this Week

Weekly RunLog Summary 7-13-13

Sunday – 30:00 minute run in Waterville, that was in the hot sun and I just felt okay during the run, I didn’t stop to walk and the Achilles was in the 3 range

Monday – I went to Planet Fitness and did an easy treadmill workout before going to the Ortho appointment, just to have him look at the Achilles after I had been working out on it.  I was more worried about what he was going to say about my training for the MCM and wasn’t really into the run. I did lower body weights and then stretched for 1/2 hour after. I also ordered the Skechers GoRun2 from Famous Footwear.

Tuesday – Another Treadmill run before my Physical Therapy appointment, it felt good and I was able to run at 7.0 mph for 25:00 of the 30:00 minutes. Physical Therapy was good. I  had 40:00 of sauna, which I love and an upper body workout after PT.

Wednesday – I aim for one day off per week and today was it. Also when I have two PT session in succession, I have learned from experience that I need to take the 2nd day off from working out, other than some light weights and a sauna.

Thursday –  I ran Back Cove in Portland for the first time in a long time and did a lot better than I thought that I would. It felt good to be able to just run and only have the Achilles hurt a little.

Friday – The old truck was in the shop so I ran down to pick it up. Ran down back and the unevenness of the road didn’t bother me like it did last week. The best part was that the hills/bumps didn’t bother at all.

Saturday – My first run in the Skechers GoRun2’s and I was very impressed with how they felt on my feet and the part that I liked the most was that they are a VERY quiet for me shoe. I had to keep slowing myself down, trying to stay very conservative with how fast I am running. Best part was that I made it up Steven’s Hill and it didn’t bother (I went slow), which is very encouraging. Then that afternoon 3.0 + miles of kayaking, by the end of the day, I needed a nap.

The biggest thing that I have changed this week is that I have added in calf raises, body weight squats and massaging the Achilles in the same way that the PT is doing, which seems to really help. I don’t have nearly as many little nodules or popping sounds when I slide my fingers along the tendon. I know that it doesn’t hurt as much after I do that so, I have made it part of my post work-out or when I have to be on my feet for a long time (i.e. mowing the law) and it seems to help – a lot.

This week in two words: New Shoes or better yet: Skechers GoRun2

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Holding steady around 155. Now that I am back to running fairly regularly it is time to get this down to 145 again, which means that I have to start looking at what I am eating a lot more closely and less emotional eating.


My left Achilles tendon is still bothering, but it is a lot better than it has been. Physical therapy is making a difference and I have been cleared by the Ortho to keep returning to running – but do it slowly. The best part is I don’t have to go back and see him again, unless I screw things up.

The Tailor’s Bunionette, which I consider the root cause of all my woes since 5/3 is feeling very good and now that I know how to treat it and that my shoes have to have wider toe boxes and non compression socks in that area, things are doing a lot better. I am also using he night splint to re-train the foot, so we will see how that works.

Running Shoes

The hard part is finding those “right” shoes.

Brooks Pure Flow 2: I ran in these most of the week and while they are a very nice shoe, something was missing – I don’t enjoy running in them, they are a meh shoe, nice enough and will do what I want them to do, but something is missing when I run in them??? I know I am weird but that is just how I feel about them.

Mizuno Wave Rider 16: I didn’t run in them at all, but I walked in them an awful lot. However, I got them because everything I read said to get a higher drop shoe while returning from Achilles injury – so I did. What I didn’t know when I got them, because I couldn’t really run in them when I bought them (I was still in a walking boot) – is that they are noisy and slap when I run in them. Which to me isn’t a good thing for walking or running.

Skechers GoRun2: That’s right Skechers and yes I am getting excited about running in them. They are comfortable and extremely quiet when I am running in them, they don’t bother my Tailor’s Bunionette at all so far and just feel right on my feet. This is the first shoe that I have wanted to get in go running in, in a long time. They feel something like a cross between the Saucony Kinvara 2 and Nike Free series, but have their own “feel” to them that fits me and I like.

Racing Schedule

No racing until

7/27 – a little local 5K that I did in its first year last summer and I plan to just keep doing it as long as they hold it. Not racing it, just running in it.

8/4 Doc and Mardie Brown 5K in Waterville – again no racing.

The Bond Brook trail race 5K has started and I would like to run/walk it this week. Since I am still not cleared for full hill running, walk the hills and run everything else.

I need to find a goal race for the fall, either a 10K , 10 miler or a half marathon, I should be in good enough shape to run/race one by late October – any ideas in the New England area?

The reality is that

it feels great to actually have run most of this week and this is the best week I have had since May 3rd, back to my original injury. So hopefully I am on the mend and will get back to running and racing normally by September. At least that is the plan.

Keep smiling and good things will happen! 🙂

HOT Run = Character Building

All I can say is that today was HOT! The official weather site in Augusta that Garmin uses says it was only 82, however the house thermometer which was in the shade was reading 92 and the way it felt outside, I will go with the 92 temp.

I wanted to go a little farther today and was looking at something between 40:00 and 50:00 minutes, so I planned on running around a 9:30 which is my normal recovery run pace and can usually go for a long ways at that pace.

Garmin Stats 7-14-13

Everything was going as planned until I got back on the dirt road part and I just lost it mentally – the heat got to me and I had to fight to just get back to the lower Steven’s gate. I turned off the Garmin at that point and walked up Stevens Hill until I got to the tar.

I was just too tired to run up Stevens Hill and with the footing, I didn’t want to take a chance on stepping on a rock wrong. When I got back to the tar I ran around Howard Circle – it was slow and painful, but I kept telling myself one foot in front of the other. I made it and the mental toughness part of finishing the run off was important.

How did the Skechers GoRun2’s do, just fine, I worked on my form and they felt good, even when I was purposely working on running slower. They continue to impress me, with how they felt going on the dirt and rocks down back and with how quiet they are when I am running on tar. They are just a comfortable shoe for me.

The Achilles tendon felt good until I got back on the dirt road and where I was getting really tired and could feel that it was getting tired too and that is why I walked up the hill instead of just toughing it out, like I usually would do. Learning to listen to my body and ensure that I can run another day

I ended up with 48:52 for my total running time and while it was a tough run in the sun, now that it is done I am happy with how I did. It was definitely one of those character-building runs that help you later in the season.

RunLog 7-14-13