A Little More than I Should Have

Yard 7-15-13The Achilles is starting to feel a lot better, so now is the time I need to be extremely careful to not over-do it.

Those are the words of my PT – I think that she is getting to know how I am and is warning me to stay away from being my usual self – doing too much.

So what did I do today? Well I had planned on doing a 30:00 minute treadmill run before my PT appointment.

I did a 5:00 minute warm-up walk then I ran 5:00 minutes at 6.5 mph, 5:00 minutes at 7.0 mph, 5:00 minutes at 7.2 mph and 7.3 mph for 5:00 minutes. I was feeling pretty strong and after the warm-up my Achilles only bothered slightly. I wasn’t winded and could have pushed to the 8:00 pace without too many problems, but I was good and didn’t. I got a bit of a later start than I wanted, so at the 19:00 minutes they came out for me and I finished up at 20:00 minutes.


The PT sessions are becoming less painful, which is a good sign, also the popping and snapping that was so noticeable when I first started, she now has to work to get at them. So PT is doing what it is supposed to and I will be done at the end of the month.

This afternoon I weed wacked and finished mowing the lawn in 90+ degree for 3 or so hours, while the yard looks pretty good, it totally wiped me out and I took a 45 minute nap, otherwise known as quality time with Bennie who napped in my lap.

Garmin Stats 7-15-13

This evening I got antsy and really wanted to run, so I waited until a little later and ran for 20:00 minutes. I went out slowly and when I got to the top of the hill, the Stevens were coming off the field with their hay load and good naturedly picked on me for running and not helping them hay. So I picked it up coming back towards the house – my competitiveness came out a little.

It felt GREAT!

I actually stretched out my legs and had a stride for the first time since May 27th. It felt good and surprisingly – I forgot about everything but the run. The shoes became extensions of my feet, the Achilles didn’t bother, I was running tall, not overstriding – in other words I just ran.

Shoes – Skechers GoRun2

The more I run in them the more I am liking them. They are just so comfortable and something that I really notice they run quietly. They are even more quiet than the Nike Free’s I have run in and that is saying something. I have a feeling that if my body was up to it, that I could easily run a half marathon in these shoes and be very happy after the run.

So did I over-do it today, yeah probably 10:00 minutes more running than I originally planned and a little faster on the first mile tonight than I thought I would/could. However, I didn’t have any pain and was closely monitoring my body and would have shut it down if there had been any increases.

RunLog 7-15-13