Still Running and Having Fun Again

IMG_0251I got behind in my RunLog posts, I don’t know about you, but the heat just zaps my energy and by the time I got home after the Quarry Road Trail Race Series last night, I was just beat.

So I just relaxed watched a little History Channel about diving on Pirate ships and fell asleep in my chair.

Today is a little cooler than yesterday, but not by much, but at least I am feeling better and not as tired.

Physical Therapy

This morning’s PT session was okay. The PT took it easy on me and didn’t beat on my leg too much, there is something about the twisting motion of mowing the lawn and weed wacking that just irritates the hell out of my Achilles and this morning I had a lot of DOMS that I was dealing with.

However, the pain stayed around a 3, so I am still making progress. However, I just have to remember to start icing my leg more than I have over the pas couple of days. The good news was that next Monday we are going to take a close look at my running form and things that I can do to improve it.

Home to M&A Course

Yesterday I ran twice and both times it in the 80’s, so it was hot and miserable. However, I needed to get my truck, so I ran to go get it. I just ran easy and didn’t push at all as you can see by the Garmin Stats.

Garmin Stats 7-17-13

I was glad to get that one done.

Quarry Road 5K Trail Race Sweep

The next run was after the Quarry Road 5k Trail Race, we had a couple of runners still out on the course, so I ran easily around the lower fields and the first part of the trails. Actually, I consider this more of a dirt road run than a trail run on the sections that I ran. It didn’t really have any hills on those sections, they were more like bumps and my leg felt good the whole way.

Garmin Stats 7-17-13 Quarry Road

I didn’t hurry and just plugged along, savoring running in the woods. I didn’t realize how much I missed it and can’t wait to be able to really get back on the trails. It will happen soon!

This morning’s run was a treadmill run after my PT session. I lifted weights and then walked on the treadmill for 5:00 minutes. The leg felt okay and there wasn’t any increase in discomfort, so I decided to run for a while, but not more than 30:00 minutes.

I started out at 7.0 mph for 10:00 minutes, then moved to 7.3 mph for 5:00 minutes and was still feeling good and picked up to 7.6 mph for  the last 15:00. Actually the 7.6 mph felt better than the 7.0 mph pace. I was very happy with how I ran this morning and just want the final part of recovery to happen, so I can get back to normal running.

The reality is that

I am doing really well this week and I am enjoying my runs in the Skechers Go Run2, they just feel right to me. Now I have keep listening closely to my body and not do too much. One of the reasons that I have been doing 2 workouts a day is that it is too hot for me to go ahead and run longer until I get more acclimated to the heat. Breaking it up may not be ideal, but it is working for me.

RunLog 7-17-13