Running and Blogging–Where Do I Belong?

IMG_0220-001At some point in every blogger has to make choices about what we want from blogging and the direction that we will go in the future.

I consider myself a runblogger and after doing this for a couple of years I am also pretty sure that I am not going to make a living writing about my running.

Being Honest

Let’s be honest, I don’t write about running here on A Veteran Runnah because I am:

  • a famous running personality – I am not.
  • certified in anything related to the health, fitness or running professions (coach, doctor, chiropractor, dietician, physical therapist, psychologist, etc.) and have a wealth of professionally developed knowledge to share with other runners. I don’t have any professional certifications or unique knowledge about running.
  • or was an elite runner and share those experiences and stories of glory.- I am a recreational runner/racer, who finishes somewhere in the pack, who is simply trying to improve, hell I am not even a very good local runner.
  • a great entrepreneur and a running/fitness social media marketing ninja.I don’t have that put myself out there and show me the money mentality – just being honest.

Why you should read  – A Veteran Runnah?

A story – my story.

Writing about What I Love to do

That’s it, the story of an old fart who writes about his love of running.

Aging is kicking me square in the ass and telling me to get up and keep moving, or to shut it down and fade away. I refuse to sit on the couch and fade away, so what I write about is my journey to keep moving.

There will be a lot of posts on my daily running and getting ready for my next race, whichever one it is.

Once in a while a high point like accidentally doing well in an age group or meeting great people.

I will not forget the other side of the coin either. The lows, being on the injury merry-go-round or how I can’t do things like I used to, admitting that I make mistakes, probably more than my share and laughing at myself about them. Who knows maybe my writing about them, will help someone else avoid making the same one too.

Not just a running log.

I am going to write more about something that is overlooked in today’s overly serious and politically correct society – being a little irreverent towards different things that seem to be “holier than thou” to me. Something I didn’t really do as much as I wanted, when I was trying to be something I am not.

There will still be reviews of stuff that I actually use when I run (especially running shoes), book reviews because I love to read about running or a rant about something related to running that I get my knickers in a knot about.

Maybe, once in a while, my thoughts on something I have learned over the 40 plus years, that I have been a runner.

Honestly, my writing may not be all that glitzy, exciting or even “professional” when you compare it to others. But my posts will have my ideas and will convey the meaning, in the manner that I want to convey it.

My posts will have my real emotions, honest peeks into what and how I am doing, along with what I am thinking about.

Social Media Marketing

I attempted to do the fitness social media marketing thing for the past year and half. While I enjoy the social media part of it, I really can’t say that the marketing side of it has gone that well for me or that I am that good at it.

It just is not who I really am.

While I am willing to work my ass off and do a great job for whomever I am working for, I am too much of an introvert to fit into the marketing and artificial hype it up world. I am not that sophisticated and tend to see things from a “country” and a different generation’s idea of how things should and could be done.

The running/fitness social media marketing niche is filled by many great bloggers and writers who are much better entrepreneurs than I ever will be.

It will be nice however, to not worry about actively promoting myself to brands with the idea of my blog representing their brand or thinking about how to get free products to review or become a “blog ambassador”, so much that I change how and what I write about – which when I look back, I did.

So there will be some changes coming down the road in this area that will make me much more comfortable and much more sense in my life and how I see things.

Oh I will probably keep doing some social media marketing if they come around, but those opportunities won’t be something that I go out and look for. If I am what they want, they will find me, if not, I am going to have fun with my blogging.

After all that is why I started blogging in the first place.

The reality is that

  • Honestly, the only niche that I fit comfortably in, is writing about my personal experiences, reviews and perspectives that being an old guy runner give me.
  • My lack of credentials and limited levels of success in running now and in the past, do affect my creditability when I write about running.
  • Because of who I am and how I do things, I am not going to make my living being a blogger or social media marketing ninja any time soon.

I am tired of trying to be something that I am not and am going back to just being me.

Getting injured has had its positive side – it gave me time to stop and look at what I was doing, what is important and where I want to go. it doesn’t make it any less frustrating, but at least it served a purpose.

I think because of having this time to think and not being able to run, that I have finally figured out where I fit in the runblogger world.

What am I?

I am a cantankerous, old fart, who loves to run, hates getting older, is working hard as hell to get better as a runner, is a real person with opinions about what I like and don’t like. I can be rather blunt, makes his fair share of mistakes and has a definite running shoe problem.

My blog’s readership may go down or it may go up after this post, but my stats, the number of followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any other social network, really are not the reason that I blog or participate in social media.

Going forward I am blogging and doing social media because I want to, not because I am trying to impress others or because I feel that I have to.

I like to write and share with others who might be interested in what an old fart is doing. Then maybe I can learn from them with their ideas on how to be a better runner or better yet – to develop new friendships with other runners that bridge the distances that separate us.

To put it another way, either you like what I write here or you don’t – either way it is cool, because I intend to keep writing and smiling, as I become more comfortable with the direction that my blog and I are going.

You damned old coot – Harold – you really are crazy aren’t you Nyah-Nyah