Good News and Another 1st Run

This morning I had a physical therapy appointment and during the appointment, the PT did a couple of things that made me feel a lot better about my most recent setback. She was extremely concerned about what had happened when she saw the photos. However, she became more perplexed, when I detailed the lack of pain or swelling.


She didn’t try to do any diagnosis, but did some manipulation around the area, without causing any real discomfort and also used ultra-sound on the area. If I had broken something, the vibration caused by using ultra-sound would have definitely let me know something is wrong.

Basically we ruled out a bunch of things, which made me feel a LOT better about what is going on. Now to be honest, the area around my 5th metatarsal doesn’t feel quite right, but at the same time it doesn’t hurt, there isn’t any swelling and the bruising is going away very quickly.

The best we could come up with as causes for the bruising last Thursday, was that I did something while I was weed wacking outback or that I got too aggressive with my golf ball mobilization therapy and did something to my left foot.


This made me feel more than a little relieved about this most recent setback.

However, we talked and I agreed that I needed to be VERY conservative about getting back to running and take it one step at a time, instead of going out and be “Harold being Harold”.

This afternoon, I took it very easy and did a lot of heat therapy before I decided that I wanted to try to run. My foot was not sore and the Achilles felt good, so I thought it would be a good test.

I warmed up and still felt good, so I did the mile focusing on my arms and standing tall.


RunLog 7-22-13

While I was running there was no pain, it did take a few minutes to even out my pace, but once I did, I had to be careful about not going too fast and slowed it back down a few times on purpose. Without trying I did an 8:17 mile.

I was good and shut it down after a mile run and walked slowly another mile as a cool-down. It was a good confidence builder, but I am not going to go overboard and return to more normal running very soon. I still don’t know if that foot is completely right, something just feels odd about it.

So I will go slow and take my time, return to running while listening very closely to my body and if anything doesn’t feel right STOP. Being a hero and running through any discomfort in my foot, is not going to get me back to running normally.

RunLog S 7-22-13