Easy 7.0 Miler 7/26/13

Stevens Hill 7-26-13Shhhhhhhh! Don’t tell my Physical Therapist that I just ran 7.2 miles. I have a feeling, she might have a coronary or something worse.

When she beats on my legs Monday, she is going to really make a pretzel out of me Winking smile

Sometimes you just gotta do what you are gonna do.

Today was one of those weather days that a lot of people don’t like – drizzly and overcast in the 60’s. Personally I have had some of my best runs in this weather, so when I got around to running this afternoon, I was only supposed to do a 5.0 miler at a 9:00 minute pace for my long run this week.

At about mile 2.0, I knew that just wasn’t going to be enough and I went to the Goodhue Road which means I would have finished around 6.7 miles, which of course meant I had to get over 7.0 at that point – right that is how it works isn’t it?

I just added a little to it, that’s all – I could have ran that 14.0 mile course like I considered when I got to Goodhue Road, but I was sort of good and just turned around and came back.

I went out easy and didn’t try to push the pace or anything, I just wanted to have a nice steady & slow long run – everything felt good, the Achilles didn’t complain too much at all and although my right hammie started talking to me at about mile 4.0 it stopped complaining after mile 5.0.

Garmin Stats 7-26-13

Not a fast run, not a push the pace run, just a run to get out there for an hour and keep plugging along. These are the runs that I really missed when I was injured and just help put things back into the proper perspective. This is the longest run that I have done since I injured myself on that infamous May 3rd 13.1 mile tempo paced long run.

As you can see by the photo, that it is VERY rocky down back since they put in this particular fill and as much as I am loving my GoRun2’s they are not quite enough shoe for this section to run – a little too much ground feel. However, once I get back on tar or the non-rocky areas, they really shine. I guess it is just a way to keep me going slower .

RunLog 7-26-13