Skechers GoRun2–50 Mile Review

The Skechers GoRun2 is not the running shoe that I would expect from a shoe company with Sketchers’ reputation, especially with how I viewed their attempts at making running shoes in the past.

Let’s be up front about my relationship with Skechers.

  • I do not have any.
  • I purchased the GoRun2’s with my own money.
  • My opinions are from a runner who initially was very skeptical about Skechers as a “serious” running shoe company.
  • The comments in this post were a result of actually wearing and running in the Skechers GoRun2’s.

Okay, so I don’t have exactly 50 miles on my GR2’s, however I know that 42.41 miles on them is close enough for the purposes of this review. My opinion will not change all that much in the next 8.0 miles.


You can read my initial review here and no this is not a Skechers’ advertisement, these are my own thoughts about the GoRun2’s.


IMG_0559The GoRun2’s fit my feet the way that I want, are one of the most comfortable shoes I have worn and this is the best first 50-mile impression of a pair of running shoes that I have had in a long time.

Which I think pretty much sums up how they have worked for me so far.

Now to get into the details.

I have a Tailor’s Bunionette on my right foot which causes a lot of pain in that foot after 5-6 miles of running, especially when my running shoes are too narrow or if overlays are on top of my bunionette. So far the GR2’s have not given my bunionette any issues and I have been able to just run.

The biggest compliment that I can give a pair of running shoes is when I put them on, that I stop thinking about how my shoes are affecting my feet and just run.

So far that is what I have been able to do in my GoRun2’s.


I have at least 6 different brands and several styles of running shoes around the house and in the 20 times that I have run since I purchased the GoRun2’s, I have chosen to run in them 18 times.

This tells me that the Skechers GoRun2’s are the running shoes that I want to run in and I have actually put many of my other running shoes in the give-away pile, because of how they feel compared to the GR2’s.

Now when I go run, these are the shoes that I Iook for first.

That says it all for me.


No Blisters – None, nada, zero, as in no blisters on my heels, toes, or ankles. I hate shoes that cause blisters and keep causing them. Blisters happened to me all too often this past spring – having all those bloody socks was not the highlight of my spring and I consider it a fail in the fit department and refuse to keep torturing myself in running shoes that keep causing blisters.

Cushioned Feel – Even though the GR2’s stack height is not as high as many that I run in, the midsole material provides a nice cushioned feel to me and I like the combination of being able to feel the road and yet have a feeling of cushioning underneath you, that these shoes give me.

Lightweight – Coming in around 7 oz., they are at the lighter end of my lightweight trainer scale and lighter than many of my race shoes have been. Yesterday, I used them in a 5K Race and although I am not in racing shape (2 months off will do that, along with certain restrictions still), I was still able to run a 24:16 and felt very smooth in my GR2’s.

I also have a feeling that the narrowness of my Ekidon’s will be their downfall and I will just keep wearing the GR2’s or maybe even look at the Skechers GoSpeed (GoMeb) racing flats. if I really feel the need for flats.

Sole – I like the multi-grip outsole and how it performs while running in a variety of IMG_0568conditions i.e. tar, side of the roads, light trails, rain slicked roads, track, light mud and places where being nimble is important.

They don’t gain weight during a run, like my Nike Free’s did by picking up small rocks and having them lodge in the sole unit all the time. Actually I don’t think that I have had any rocks stick in the soles of the GR2’s yet.

I like these shoes too much and I have been walking in them a lot too. Which means that this pair of GR2’s will be wearing out faster than they would, if I wore them only for running. Actually this is a good problem I guess.

Hmmmm I wonder if this means that I should go ahead and just get another pair?

Quiet – One of the things that I want from my running shoes – is that they be quiet when I am running in them, which means to me that I am running efficiently. I run and walk extremely quiet in the GR2’s. I have only had one other pair of running shoes that I have had this experience in and the GR2’s seem to be even quieter than those were.

Promote Mid-foot landing – My physical therapist did a gait analysis of my running the other day and for the first time I was told independently that I land with a midfoot landing. I attribute that result directly to the GoRun2’s, due to the rocker that is built into the sole unit.


Landing with a mid-foot landing, is something that I have worked on since November 2011 and have not been all that successful until now. The GR2’s reward me for a mid-foot landing, and I can definitely tell when I am landing on my heels, which gives me the opportunity to make the appropriate adjustments very quickly.

Cost – At a list price of $80.00, they are reasonably priced and a lot cheaper than the other running shoes that I have been buying over the past couple of years, which have had price points of $100-$140.

After discounts, I purchased my GR2’s for a little over $36.00. Now I probably will not get them for this price very often, but I have regularly seen them on sale in the $50-$60 price range, with free shipping, which is around half of the price I have been paying for my running shoes.

Color ways – I love the looks and styles of the shoes. Skechers’ designers have done a good job of making a great looking running shoe, which has multiple colors. I tend to like brighter colors and Skechers has plenty of bright colors, so that box is checked off.


Rock Plate – Something that I did because they are a bit thin for running on dirt roads with lots of rocks or on rocky trails could be an adventure and not nearly as much fun, if I get my feet bruised up (I have run into this issue with other minimal style running shoes too).


So I modified the removable rock plate from my Altra Superiors and put them in the GR2’s. I don’t even notice that they are in there. Now when I know that I am going to run some place where rocks are or could be an issue, I just slide the rock plate in and voila, it stops most of the problem with rocks.

Laces – Something I do with all of my running shoes is add LockLaces, I like the way they fit and how the LockLaces make taking them on and off so easy.


Road Feel – On rocky surfaces, they have a little too much road feel and if you step wrong on rocks you can definitely feel them through the sole. For some they will not have enough cushioning.


Wear – I am not sure how many miles I will get out of the GR2’s, but based on the comfort and fit that I have in them so far and if I can get between 200-300 miles – I would be happy.

At this price point and with sales that are continually available, having to buy running shoes more often is not as big a deal. Who knows maybe I will be pleasantly surprised and they will last longer than the 300 mile ceiling that most of my running shoes seem to hit.


The Skechers’ Brand name – It is taking Skechers time to overcome their previous reputation of not being a high quality running shoe company, but they seem to be – slowly but surely overcoming that hurdle.

My concern is whether Skechers will still have the same commitment they are showing to their performance division 5 years down the road as they are now. I am definitely liking what I have seen so far from the Skechers Go line and want to see them continue to make improvements in this performance line of running shoes. Time will tell on this one.

The reality is that

The Skechers GoRun2’s have become my go-to running shoe of choice.


They are a lightweight trainer that I wear on my faster runs and surprisingly, the ones that I choose to use on slower or recovery runs too. I just like the way that they fit and feel when I run in them.

However, I have become more than a little skeptical about running shoes after my 50 mile reviews. All too often I have been disappointed by so many other running shoes that did great at the 50 mile review that just seem to stop working for me between 100 and 200 miles, that I try not to get my hopes up too high that these will be “The Shoes”.


I am hoping that the GoRun2’s do not follow in this pattern and go well beyond that 200 mile point.

The GoRun2’s Feel Different

That being said, the GoRun2’s seem to feel different from many of those other shoes I have worn recently. My right foot does not hurt in these shoes at all; I have not had to go through the blister/heal/callous process – then repeat, and they allow me to run quietly. Something that I consider important also, is that they do promote a mid-foot landing that I have been attempting to move to for so long.


I will be very interested in how the Skechers GoRun2 will be at that 200-mile mark and hopefully beyond. I wonder what my opinion will be then – it should be an interesting next few months.

All I know is that I want to get out and go for my next run in these shoes today and that I haven’t been this excited about many shoes at the 50 mile review point lately.


See you later, I gotta go run! Smile


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