Limitations and a 6.2 Mile Run 7-29-13

IMG_0250-004I had a great session at physical therapy and the PT is teaching me the things that I will need to do for myself since I only have one more session before I am done.

This is due to financial reasons (yeah that co-pay thing and a fixed income) more than physical therapy not doing more for me. Which is too bad, but is reality for most of us.

We decided to delay the last session until late August, just to see how I am progressing without “adult” supervision to remind me a couple of times a week to slow down and that I need to behave myself.

I am not quite as stiff as a 2×4 anymore, Caroline has tried diligently to get me so I can at least move somewhat like I should, so that part has been very successful. My Achilles tendon is not nearly as sore as when we started, which is great and I am back to running.


So what are my limitations still:

  • NO TRAIL RUNNING, I can walk trails – that hiking thing, but no running for at least 2 more weeks.
  • Go easy on the speed work – no sub 1:45 quarters or barefoot 100 yard strides for 2 more weeks.
  • No racing – I can go and run in a race, but no racing (yes there is a difference). Try to keep my pace above the 7:30 pace mile for 2 more weeks, then cautiously increase the pace back to sub 7:00’s.
  • Limit hill running. Yes I live in Maine, but there are areas that are flatter than others where I can run, so find them for a couple more weeks.
  • Run within my current physical condition, not where I was back on May 3rd.

As always if there is any increase in pain – STOP!

These are very reasonable limitations for being only two months out from injuring my Achilles Tendon.

After the PT session, I had planned on running 5.0 over at Quarry Road, but ended up running a 10K on the roads. Yes, that is right, I had originally thought about going to run over at Quarry Road trails, but with Caroline’s admonition not to run trails, I decided to be good and stay on the roads. That is what I will miss most is having that “governor” to stop me from being stupid and make me think, before I just do.

The old Ready, Fire, Aim thing that I tend to do too often.

Today’s Run

I ran from Champions down along the Messalonskee Stream Trail for the first time in years and found out that they had finished tarring it all the way through, which made it a lot easier to run on. Then I went over to College Ave and up to Motor Supply cross-over to the back road. During the run, I just kept up a steady pace and didn’t push.

Garmin Stats 7-27-13

Was I getting tired at the end? Absolutely! That last mile I started to slow down quite a bit and while I could have run farther, the 6.0 miles was just enough for me today. Honestly, I need to work on getting my base back more than anything right now.

RunLog 7-29-13