2.0 Miles too Many 7

Course Map 7-30-13Last night I was just too tired to go ahead and write this up, so I get to do it this morning.

Originally, I was going to do an easy track workout, but the more I got to thinking about it, I know myself and probably would have gone too fast on the repeats, so I decided to run between 5 &6 – which I didn’t do.

I am still limited to no major hills, which meant that I needed to either run the rail trail in Augusta or in Waterville (avoiding Mayflower Hill). Since I was volunteering at the Quarry Road Trail Series from 4-7, I decided to run in Waterville. I started at Colby College and ran down to Silver Street and then back to Colby.

When I went by Fred’s Coffee it was still 83 degrees and I didn’t bring water with me, which would become an issue later. I just kept taking the longer route turns, and 5-6 miles turned into just over 8.0 miles. Which was 2.0 miles too many.

Garmin Stat 7-30-13

As you can see by the big dips in the Garmin screenshot, I did some serious walking after 6.0 miles. The heat, lack of water and my Achilles all were barking pretty loudly at me. So I did some walking to make sure that I made it back in one piece. While I walked my Achilles loosened up and I started feeling better, so I ran slowly the rest of the way in.

How did the Skecher GoRun2’s do on the run? I didn’t think about them and didn’t really notice my feet. Which is all that I want from running shoes, to put them on and forget about them. 8.0 Miles is a good test and my right foot didn’t bother me at all, while my Achilles probably really isn’t ready for this distance yet, this morning I don’t have any lingering affects from the run = good thing.

RunLog 7-30-13