This Sucks Royal Donkey Balls

This morning, I am more than a little frustrated, down, pissed and all those other useless words we use to describe how we feel when we planned and wanted to do something and then pretty much at the last-minute decide to do the “right thing” and not do it.

It sucks royal donkey balls!

However, I also know that it is the correct choice, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

So what happened?

My training has gone really well all week and even though my left foot, wasn’t behaving as nicely as I want it to, it was within my expectations of how I expect it to feel, especially since I am starting to push it a little harder. Continue reading “This Sucks Royal Donkey Balls”

Running and Boot Camp – 1975


Boot Camp 1975
Boot Camp 1975

I graduated from High School on June 11th and on June 23rd I was winging my way to Cape May, NJ for Coast Guard Boot Camp. I was all of 17 years old, never been on a plane before, never away from home for more than a night or two, and I was scared as hell!

However, I also knew that I had to leave when I did, things were not great for me at home and going in the Coast Guard all those years ago, was probably one of the best and most important decisions that I have made in my life. Continue reading “Running and Boot Camp – 1975”

A Little More Than I Expected – RunLog 8-29-13

Hey, can you believe it – I took yesterday off!!!! I just needed it and could tell that I did.

Oh I still walked 3.0+ miles on a new trail that a neighbor is building and did stuff around the house, but no running.

It felt great.

This morning I was ready to run.


It was also a Physical Therapy day, so I went into Waterville early to do the tempo run before PT. I didn’t want to do hills before the session, so I ran out to Western Ave in Fairfield and back. The course only has a couple of bumps and the Fairfield side is mostly part of the Joseph’s 5K course, which is pretty flat and fast. Continue reading “A Little More Than I Expected – RunLog 8-29-13”

Treadmill Speed Work – 8/27/13

Yes, I know what the PT told me and all that other stuff.

Sometimes, well let’s be honest, most of the time I am not a good patient and I don’t take orders very well (this is coming from someone who lasted almost 21 years in the military).

Oh well, just the way it is.

I decided to stop by the gym and see how my leg was feeling on the treadmill. I chose the treadmill for a few reasons:

  1. I can control the pace
  2. Same thing on the incline
  3. It is easier on my body
  4. I like the treadmill, (yes I admit it) I can “go away” for a little while, without worrying about cars, ditches, rocks, dogs or other assorted thing that I need to watch out for outside and just run. Continue reading “Treadmill Speed Work – 8/27/13”

Simplifying Things

At the end of my post Becoming a Barbarian Again, I described that I would be writing about how I am simplifying my life as a part of moving forward. I have looked at what I want to accomplish and the things that I need for me to be happy versus how complicated I have let things get in my life. This post focuses on running related stuff, but I am doing other things as well that might be or are even more important.


Blogging – It started with creating A Runnah’s Story and retiring A Veteran Runnah – there was too much water under the bridge with AVR to keep it as a personal blog. I am more comfortable now, my writing feels more personal, less “forced” and I am not filtering everything I write from how others will see it, but how I want to write it – which is what a blog should be in my opinion – my thoughts. Continue reading “Simplifying Things”

Becoming a Barbarian Again

Over the past few months and especially the past few weeks, I have looked at lots and lots of things that I should and will do to simplify my life professionally and personally.

What’s going on you are fairly successful doing the social media marketing and blogging thing – right?

Let me back up a bit explain what is going on.

Last year I decided to take a year, to see if I could make a go of creating a small business called A Veteran Runnah, that would focus on social media, online marketing and blogging both on my blog and as a free-lance writer. I did not go into this naïve or thinking that I would be an overnight success. I knew that it would take a LOT of hard-work and effort on my part.

The year is over!

Well that year is now over.

I had some huge successes: Continue reading “Becoming a Barbarian Again”

No Graduation Today – RunLog 8-26-13

Today was the day I was supposed to graduate to no adult supervision in regards to physical therapy for my Achilles tendon.

Didn’t happen!

I took most of the month off from PT, to see how I would progress on my own, my good enough, was not good enough.

Like many of my past students, I regressed during my summer vacation and my Achilles was inflamed and painful to the touch, when my PT started poking and prodding it.

Strangely though it didn’t bother all that much when I walked or run on it??? Continue reading “No Graduation Today – RunLog 8-26-13”

Focusing My Running for Fall 2013

Roland Dyer 5K
Photo by Julie Millard

Over the past month, I have basically been running to run.  I have put as many miles on my body as I could – to see what I could do and more importantly what I could not do.

Well that and attempting to not re-injure my Achilles tendon.

I needed to do this to see how much my left foot/Achilles was going to bother me or if my Tailor’s bunionette was going to keep giving me problems.

That and I needed to just shake some of the rust off, after being out of action for a couple of months.

It felt like I was starting over, yet again.

Not 100% – Not Even Close!

No, the Achilles/Left foot is not 100%, closer to 60% and probably will not be 100% the rest of this year, just the way it is. However, the Tailor’s bunionette seems to be improving considerably with what I am doing to help it along and has not given me any problems while running.

Looking back at my running logs, I am having too many issues with my Achilles/left foot area once I get around the 5.0 mile mark and need to stop worrying about not being able to run 8-10 miles, 2-3 times a week. Also if I try to go too fast (which I would never do – just a little sarcasm there), my Achilles bothers me, so I have pushed against the comfort level wall, trying to move it a little and then back off and repeat.

This is has been successful for me and something I plan to keep doing as far as increasing my pace, unfortunately, it has not worked as well for increasing my distance – yet. Continue reading “Focusing My Running for Fall 2013”

Not An Expert

Bennie and I
Bennie and I

Over on Reddit, I published one of my blog posts last week and got the following comment:

So what makes this guy an expert on being an expert?

The person later added a comment that they were not being critical and that it was just sarcasm. Which was cool.

However, it did get me to thinking and it was a good thing!

Who to hell am I and what am I an expert on or at least fairly knowledgeable of that i should be writing about it here?

  • I am an expert on Harold Shaw and the things that I have done and would like to do.
  • I am still a certified Special Education Teacher in Maine and have over 10 years experience working in Special Education.
  • I have used personal computers since the old Commodore Vic 20’s came out.
  • I have been a blogger for almost 6 years and published over 3,000 blog posts in that time.
  • I have been a runnah since 1971 and involved with post school distance running since 1976.
  • I have dealt with race anxiety since 1974 and it affected me to the point where I did not race very much (1-2 times) from 1986 to 2012.
  • I have been a shoe whore and snob for many years, who loves to try the newest and greatest running shoes – even though that might be changing if the brand I am using continues to impress me like they have so far.
  • I can share my experience with my injuries and how medical professionals treat an old cranky coot, who doesn’t like what they have to say very often (good and bad).
  • I am resilient and have a positive attitude about most things.

What I am not: Continue reading “Not An Expert”

Quick 3.0 Miler – RunLog 8/24/13

This is from yesterday morning, but today looked almost exactly the same - gorgeous day.
This is from yesterday morning, but today looked almost exactly the same – gorgeous day.

After yesterday’s run, I was more than a little worried last night and when I woke up this morning about how my left leg was going to be doing.

Getting out of bed was the usual struggle with my accumulated aches and pains that are just part of the deal and thankfully my Achilles felt about the same that it has for the past couple of weeks – stiff and a little uncomfortable to start out with. However, once I got moving around on it, it started to loosen up to the point that I didn’t notice it unless I was focusing on how it felt.

That was good news!!! Continue reading “Quick 3.0 Miler – RunLog 8/24/13”