50 Mile – Skechers GoRun Ride2 Review

This is my first review on A Runnah’s Story and I am going to do a few things differently, than I have on my other blogs.

Most importantly – I don’t care about what the manufacturer’s marketing propaganda says, what other reviewers write or even what the shoe’s stats are. Those things might mean something when I first buy a pair of shoes, but by the time I run 50 miles in them, the shoes are:

  • given away,
  • thrown in the back of the closet or
  • a part of my regular running shoe rotation.

Another thing that worked well this time was not doing an initial running shoe review, they really don’t mean diddly and you are parroting what the manufacturer’s marketing information is, so that is going to be my standard ops from now on – no initial review.

Skechers GoRun Ride2
Skechers GoRun Ride2

Skechers GoRun Ride2’s (GRR2)

I asked for and got these running shoes for my birthday a few weeks ago, because of my positive experiences with the Skechers GoRun2’s. Since then I have done a trail run (shhhh still not supposed to), dirt roads, tar, a couple of 8.0 milers and have 52.3 miles on them.

What I like

  • Fit and feel: I think that this is the most important thing about any running shoe.
    • The GRR2’s are VERY comfortable, wide in the right places, doesn’t have a heel counter and just feels comfortable to wear, whether I am running or walking in them.
    • My right foot, yes that one with the Tailor’s Bunionette that has given me so many problems last spring hasn’t bothered on any of my runs so far, which means that on longer training runs, I won’t be compensating for the right foot pain and causing a host of other issues.
    • The GRR2 feels like it is much more cushioned than it is. It is not a sloppy marshmallow cushion feel, but more of knowing that yes, I feel the cushion and know that it is enough to protect my feet from whatever conditions are under my feet, without being too much.
  • Enough Shoe: As much as I like the GoRun2, they were a little too minimal for me to do longer runs in them. The GoRun Ride2, seems to be the perfect blend of comfort, cushioning and lightweight for how I run.
  • The GRR2’s are quiet: I don’t slap or hammer my heels in them, which in my experience means that I am running more efficiently, plus I sneak up on people easier ;-).
  • Effective: The little bit of lift (rocker) in the middle is just enough to guide me to more of an efficient landing style. I don’t know if that is always mid-foot or heel landing style, but how I run in the Ride2’s feels right to me, even when I am tired and my form is not as good. Now I just need to video tape myself in them.
  • Break-in time: No breaking in my foot to the shoe. I have not had any blisters in the usual areas that new shoes tend to give me, which is huge when it comes to running comfortably. Not having to worry about bloody socks and blister management after a run is nice.
  • Light-weight: They are a very lightweight training shoe, that I could easily run a race or do track workouts in.
  • Sole: The multi-purpose outer sole unit, works well in a variety of conditions from roads to non-technical trails and appears to be wearing just fine.

    Skechers GoRun Ride2 Sole
    Skechers GoRun Ride2 Sole
  • Style: While this is not a super important consideration to me, I do want my shoes to look good and be bright – the blue/white GRR2’s that I got are at the lower end of the brightness scale that I want. The available colorways for the GoRun Ride2’s seem to be much more conservative than the GoRun2’s or GoRunSpeeds(Mebs).
  • Price; Yes they were a birthday present, but the list price is only $80.00. If you look around the Internet, you can get them on sale quite often for under $70 and when the new models come later this year I have a feeling that they will be available for even less.


For me to really like a running shoe, it must become an extension of my foot, to the point that I don’t notice that I am wearing them, unless I think about it. So far the Skechers GoRun Ride2’s have met this requirement with flying colors.


Things I do not like

  • IMG_1013Rocks: As you can see above the GRR2’s will pick up small rocks when I am running on gravel or trails, but it seems to be more of an issue when I am walking in them than when I am running. This has not really bothered me yet and they clean out easily, but it could become an issue and probably at the wrong time during a run.
  • Sizing: I wonder how the size 8.0 would fit compared to the size 8.5 I am currently wearing – they feel just a tad big, in other words they seem run more true to sizing than other shoes have for me recently – it is something that I will explore, but not really worry about.
  • Durability: Like every review I have read, I wonder about how they will hold up over the miles and at the 52 mile mark you can see that there is no significant wear on the out sole and the uppers, look pretty much new, so this issue might be a bit over-blown, but I will know more at the 300 mile mark.
  • Availability: Famous Footwear is the only local store that I know carries Skechers’ Performance line and they only have the GoRun Ride2 in the Gray/Orange or Black colorways, so I have had to order my Skechers Performance shoes online.
  • Reputation: Getting by the Skechers brand name and thinking of them as a serious running shoe. Example. When I was running the other day and talking to another runner, they asked me what my shoes were and told them Skechers, they said “you are kidding, Skechers makes real running shoes!” I have gotten this response from several runners in the area and they can’t believe that – me the running shoe snob and local running shoe whore is running in Skechers and loving them. They all ask me what kind of sweetheart deal that I have with Skechers to run in their shoes and are surprised when I tell them that we have bought them.

The reality is that

Skechers GoRun Ride2
Skechers GoRun Ride2

I have tried much more expensive running shoes from just about every brand out there, after all more expensive is supposed to mean a better running shoe – right? Luckily TheWife agrees that I need to get the running shoes that works best for me, even if we have to pay more for them. Yes, I am very lucky to have such an understanding wife, however, that doesn’t mean that I can go out and buy $150 running shoes every couple of months – there is still a budget that I need to stay within.

Thankfully, Skechers are proving the Cost-More is Better theory wrong for me. They are the cheapest running shoes (list price) that I have bought in the last 2 years and they are the running shoes that I choose to run in almost exclusively now. The other 10 pair of running shoes I have lying around go unused. In fact I have put 6 pair into the give-away pile, made another pair into my lawn shoes and put into storage 2 other pair that are damn near brand new, just because I can’t part with them yet after paying over $100 for them.

I try not to get too excited at the 50 mile mark for running shoes anymore, but so far I like so much to like about the GoRun Ride2’s, that when it comes down to choosing which shoes to go for a run in, I have chosen the GRR2’s almost exclusively since I got them and enjoying running in them.

I guess that statement more than any other sums up how I feel about the Skechers GoRun Ride2’s – “I enjoy running in them.”

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