Tech Frustrations on Today’s Run – 8-15-13

Gorgeous Day, but there are some color in the leaves already and it is only Mid-Augus
Gorgeous Day, but there are some color in the leaves already and it is only Mid-August

I am not going to whine and complain, well too much any way!

I don’t know about you, but when your GPS whatever screws up, it sure makes for a frustrating run. Today when I looked down at the distance for my first lap around my course, it read .72, well this wouldn’t be a problem, but for the last 2 years this same spot has been .91 to .94 on a variety of GPS devices. It wasn’t that big of a deal, because I changed it from a long run to an easy recovery run – after yesterday’s TOUGH for me track workout. However, if it had been a different run, that would have bugged me to no end.

We pay good money to have our GPS be fairly accurate and when it is 0.2 miles off in the first mile, it kinda takes the wind out of my sails. Just something else to throw you off. Oh I know that we all say that we don’t really look at the time/distance, etc. on those devices, mmmmmmm bullshit, we do and it bothers us because when we get done running, our mileage and stats are screwed up. Which does frustrate the hell out of me, I work hard to run and this is about the only place in my life, where I give a rats ass about statistics.

Sorry for the rant, but, well you know.

Garmin Stats 8-15-13
Garmin Stats 8-15-13

Other than the GPS irking the hell out of me, how was my run today. In a word: TOUGH!

My legs felt like lead and it took a while for them to loosen up. Last night’s track workout was harder than I thought and when I would try to kick it up a notch my left Achilles/Tibial Posterior would bark at me to no end, until I slowed back down. While last night’s workout was a good one, it was probably too much, too soon, especially the 200’s, which I loved doing, but  my heel/ankle area didn’t.

Today’s run was a slog and that is the best thing I can say about it! I got the sludge moving in my legs and while nothing was fast today, I felt a lot better once I got the run done with.

No I am not complaining about the run, because any day that I can get out there and do it, is a good day, but at the same time some days are just tougher than others and today was that day. Still it was a beautiful day for a run and I was able to run – so it was a GREAT day, even with the minor inconvenience technology sometimes adds to things.

When tech works it is great, when it doesn’t it is frustrating as all get out.

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