Head Clearing 7.0 Miler – 8/17/13

IMG_20130816_095608_317If you read my earlier post on What is Important, the title will mean something to you, otherwise…well let’s just say I needed some running therapy this afternoon and did a 7.0 mile therapy session.

It worked, I got the tumbled-up thoughts fairly well straightened out and feel a lot better than i did before the run.

I still think my Garmin is a bit looney, because i know that I wasn’t going that fast during the first mile, I purposely kept it slow, because of Thursday night’s track workout. My left Posterior Tibulous (sp) is still bothering me a little too much to push very hard, it will heal, but is taking it damn sweet time.

However, it was a gorgeous day and I actually felt good running through the first 5.0 miles of the run, but coming up that little bump after i get back on the dirt road, my left foot, started to bother more and by the time I got to the Steven’s Lower Gate, I knew that it wasn’t going to be good if i pushed to make it up Steven’s Hill,

I walked up to the Upper Steven’s Gate and even though I hate to walk when i am out for a run, it was definitely the right choice.

Garmin Stats 8-17-13
Garmin Stats 8-17-13

When I started running again, my foot felt a lot better and I just kept plugging along – no picking it up or kicking at the end, the foot was done and I didn’t need to abuse it any more today.

At least my Achilles didn’t feel too bad – I have a feeling that when I injured myself back in May, that I did as much or more damage to the Posterior T, as I did to the Achilles.

Venting for a Minute

Still it would be nice to have one run, where my freaking left heel/ankle area did not bother me and to run discomfort or pain-free.

I know, I know “be patient” and all that crap about it takes time for those kind of injuries to heal that everyone says and I know, but it is getting more than a lot frustrating and tiring. Every damn time I go for a run they bother me and don’t let me run the way that I could or want to be running.

Patience grasshopper – you will be pain-free soon.

Patience my ass, I ain’t a damn grasshopper and I want to run PAIN FREE and just freaking run — NOW!

Ah well, my venting is done.

Overall the run was actually pretty decent, but nothing spectacular and that walk towards up Steven’s Hill was actually pretty smart (I actually listened to my body). I could have stopped at the bottom of the hill and said I had a nice 10K, but I didn’t and kept going to get those 7.0 miles in :-).

Stubborn old cuss that I am.

One thing that was good about this run was that I now have run 1,003.93 miles for 2013. Honestly back in May when my Achilles injury occurred, I really didn’t know if I would reach this milestone or not.

So I am making progress and am back to running 30 plus miles a week, so it isn’t as bad as I am thinking it is, just a bunch of things making me a little ornery today.


7 thoughts on “Head Clearing 7.0 Miler – 8/17/13

      1. That distance is challenging for most of us, I know that it for me right now. 🙂 But it is good to challenge ourselves, especially when our minds are racing and need to be calmed down 🙂

  1. Just happened upon your blog today for the first time and am enjoying it, I think our writing styles are pretty compatible! Our ages are pretty close, as well, just turned 60 back in March. Related SO well to your injury frustration, been sidelined off and on the last few months with PF. Nice venting! Looking forward to future posts!

    1. Brian – thank you for commenting. I am glad you are enjoying it. Injuries suck and as we get older, they just take longer to heal than they used to. But it is better than the alternatives. I hope you keep coming back reading my story.

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