How to Turn a Bad 8.0 Miler into a Decent 6.0 Miler 8-21-13

Partial Colby Loop 8-21-13
Partial Colby Loop 8-21-13

Okay today was one of those slog-it out runs where I just keep repeating Just Put One Foot In Front of the Other.

Let’s back up a little bit

I had planned to run an easy 8.0 miler, just going for the distance, not any particular time, but a few things got in my way

  • Leaving the house an hour and a half later start than I had planned, which meant according to Fred’s Coffee when I ran by it as already 82 degree and stupid humidity (I don’t care what the Garmin Stats temp reading says. On the way home when I drove by it was reading 88 degrees, so when I started walking it was probably around 86.
  • Trying something different for breakfast before the run, 2 fried eggs, a bunch of grapes and water. NO COFFEE needless to say that experiment sucked raw eggs, I won’t be fueling on that combination before a run again any time soon.
  • A real runner’s problem, I couldn’t get my Garmin to connect to the satellites, so I spent 15 minutes waiting to get the damn signal, sometimes I really wonder why I put up with the GPS crap. Oh that’s right I like the data after the run, but I could live without it, I have in the past and could really just go to the time instead of mileage based measurement.
  • Finally, right before I took off, I decided it would be a GREAT idea to stop in the gym, so I wouldn’t have to find the poison ivy bushes that abound along this route in place where I could have a little bit of privacy. 
Garmin Stats 8-21-13
Garmin Stats 8-21-13

Okay the run really wasn’t that bad until I got 5.1 miles (according to the Garmin), I stopped long enough to get a Gu and some water (yes I actually carried water today and it was necessary). I was starting to feel like crap and my left leg was beginning to discuss how stupid this was. At 6.0 miles I crashed, my mental willpower went to zilch and I struggled to get those last .2 of a mile in. At that point, I shut off the Garmin and started walking, I had been beaten today by the combo of heat and humidity, along with a side of left foot whining.

So I had a good hot weather run through 5.1 miles, a decent hot weather run through 6.0 miles and an 8.0 miler that sucked. However, I am going to stay positive and say I had a decent 6.2 mile run today, that got really tough at the end and a good 1.8 mile walk right after my 6.2 mile run. How is that for putting a positive spin on something.

The 8.0 mile run just wasn’t going to happen today, the heat and my left foot got me too much and it was the right choice to shut it down, instead of bulling through and possibly hurting myself just to finish. I t just wasn’t worth it.

My body has been telling me I am not really ready for runs longer than 6.0 miles, because I really struggle with distances beyond that or maybe I just need to run when it is cooler. Probably a little combination of both.

Tomorrow will be a new day and a chance to redeem myself running around Back Cove in Portland. A bad run doesn’t bother me, but this damn head and humidity sure as hell does.

Sometimes I just don’t feel like being a hero and bag a run, but did I tell you about my decent 6.2 mile run. hehehhehe

When running in high heat and humidity, you HAVE to listen to your body and be willing to shut it down and run another day :-), just part of the deal.

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