Not An Expert

Bennie and I
Bennie and I

Over on Reddit, I published one of my blog posts last week and got the following comment:

So what makes this guy an expert on being an expert?

The person later added a comment that they were not being critical and that it was just sarcasm. Which was cool.

However, it did get me to thinking and it was a good thing!

Who to hell am I and what am I an expert on or at least fairly knowledgeable of that i should be writing about it here?

  • I am an expert on Harold Shaw and the things that I have done and would like to do.
  • I am still a certified Special Education Teacher in Maine and have over 10 years experience working in Special Education.
  • I have used personal computers since the old Commodore Vic 20’s came out.
  • I have been a blogger for almost 6 years and published over 3,000 blog posts in that time.
  • I have been a runnah since 1971 and involved with post school distance running since 1976.
  • I have dealt with race anxiety since 1974 and it affected me to the point where I did not race very much (1-2 times) from 1986 to 2012.
  • I have been a shoe whore and snob for many years, who loves to try the newest and greatest running shoes – even though that might be changing if the brand I am using continues to impress me like they have so far.
  • I can share my experience with my injuries and how medical professionals treat an old cranky coot, who doesn’t like what they have to say very often (good and bad).
  • I am resilient and have a positive attitude about most things.

What I am not:

  • Not a running coach, personal trainer, nutritionist.
  • Not a medical professional.
  • No college courses or research that relate to running
  • No college running pedigree.
  • Have not worked with great coaches.
  • Was not a local, regional, national or internationally ranked runnah.

So basically, what am I expert at enough, to write about?

My running experiences and mostly about:

  • my running story
  • my personal opinions on things related to running,
  • whether I like or dislike running gear I am actually using,
  • how technology is helping to simplify thing or is complicate things related to running,
  • That we can do more than we believe we can.
  • Every once in a while I will add my two cents about a book I have read or video/movie I have watched.

I am not going to write about:

  • coaching runners,
  • fitness training routines that others should use
  • how to develop your own training plan,
  • how to diagnose or treat injuries,
  • how great it is to run in the Olympics or
  • other “how to” do things related to running.

Those and many other things are beyond my ability or interest, even though I might offer a tip or two on things that have worked well for me once in a while, or if I have personal experience with a certain training plan or program, not to recommend whether you should use it or not, but only what my experience with it was.

Actually, I am glad that person decided to make the flip/sarcastic remark: “So what makes this guy an expert on being an expert?”

It did make me stop and think about what I should be writing here and to make sure that I limit myself to what I should be writing about, not what I could be writing about.

4 thoughts on “Not An Expert

  1. Did you change your blog name based on that comment? I just noticed the name change.. been kind of out of the loop lately!

    1. No – I started a whole new blog on 8/14, there are lots of changes coming down the road on 9/1/13 and I thought I would just make that change ahead of time. Going through and simplifying life a LOT over the next week 🙂 and yes it is a good thing. But like all change it is change and I have to get through that part of it and open the next door :-).

      1. Good work! Keep it up. I’m happy to see you back. You didn’t show up in my WordPress newsfeed with your old blog.

      2. Thanks Katy – Yeah it was a Blogger blog, but I am done with a certain part of my at the end of August and go back to being me again – I like it and can’t wait for it to get here :-).

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