Quick 3.0 Miler – RunLog 8/24/13

This is from yesterday morning, but today looked almost exactly the same - gorgeous day.
This is from yesterday morning, but today looked almost exactly the same – gorgeous day.

After yesterday’s run, I was more than a little worried last night and when I woke up this morning about how my left leg was going to be doing.

Getting out of bed was the usual struggle with my accumulated aches and pains that are just part of the deal and thankfully my Achilles felt about the same that it has for the past couple of weeks – stiff and a little uncomfortable to start out with. However, once I got moving around on it, it started to loosen up to the point that I didn’t notice it unless I was focusing on how it felt.

That was good news!!!

The almost 2.5 mile Bennie walk went without any issues, so I decided to go ahead and do my scheduled 3.0 mile run, but instead of doing it at a recovery pace, I decided to try it at closer to tempo pace and do it down-back (so I could stay away from the Middle Road).

Yes, down-back is mostly dirt road and has a lot of rocks, along with a couple of hills (including Steven’s Hill) on the way back. So it would be a good test of where I am at.

The road down-back
The road down-back

Also, I decided to not run with the Garmin, on purpose. I think that I am going to run with it less and less in the future, more on that in my weekly wrap-up tomorrow.

How did the run itself go?

The weather was perfect mid 70’s, low humidity and lots of sunshine, so I worked up a sweat.

Running, the first 100 yards or so, I was a little meechy and didn’t try to push too much, but once I got past the first driveway,I picked up the pace to a comfortably hard one and picked up my cadence, while I ran tall (well as tall as a short-shit can run), to work on my posture while running.

I went through the first mile in 7:33 and got to the turn-around 11:26, I purposely tried to pick it up on the flats on the way back and ran comfortable up the hills. Then when I got back on the tar, I picked up the pace to under 7:00 for the last quarter. Everything felt good and just seemed to work together.

Yes, I dinged my heel a couple of times on some rocks, but for the most part was using a mid-foot landing. This was one of the reasons that I ran down-back, I can tell better how my form is and the road/rocks, give me immediate feedback when I am over striding.

I never run as fast down-back, because of the footing issues, so this was a definite confidence builder and the best thing was my left leg didn’t bother.

I have a lot of things to think about over the next week or so and have made a couple of decisions that I think are important to my running that I will be sharing a little more of tomorrow and then on September 1st.

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