No Graduation Today – RunLog 8-26-13

Today was the day I was supposed to graduate to no adult supervision in regards to physical therapy for my Achilles tendon.

Didn’t happen!

I took most of the month off from PT, to see how I would progress on my own, my good enough, was not good enough.

Like many of my past students, I regressed during my summer vacation and my Achilles was inflamed and painful to the touch, when my PT started poking and prodding it.

Strangely though it didn’t bother all that much when I walked or run on it???

After she poked around my Achilles for a few minutes, she asked me to run on the treadmill, so she could watch me and said that after my initial 10 seconds of limping a little, that I smoothed out my gait and everything looked a lot better than it did the last time that she watched me run.

She just didn’t understand how it could be as inflamed and painful for her to touch as it was and yet my gait/stride had improved so much and I wasn’t complaining about how painful it was.

The old saying “no brain, no pain” is one that works for me or maybe, I have just gotten so used to how it feels, that I just block it out.

Whatever the case may be, she wanted me to re-start PT and with the amount of discomfort that I felt when she was playing around with it, I didn’t argue with her.

So I am back in Physical Therapy 2 x weekly for the next 3 weeks.

That is not really a bad thing, but I was really hoping to be done with it, so that I could get along with my training with no one looking over my shoulder, but I just am not ready yet.

So it means:

  • No trails (sorry Bond Brook, it doesn’t look like I will make it there this year) or hill work
  • No hard speed work (I can go to the track, but need to keep it around 7:30 pace)
  • Icing after workouts (including mowing lawn, running, strength, stretching or walks)  – gotta go get another icing thingamagiggy that has straps, so I can wrap it around my leg this time, instead of having to get that damn walking boot out to use it as an ice bag holder.
  • Run smart – mmmmmmm this one is shall we say – more difficult, but I will try :-). In other words if it hurts stop and if it hurts before I start, don’t run – mmmmmm okay, but that might mean no running for a really long time, so this one should be interesting.

My PT just shakes her head when she sees me, I believe that she thinks I am slightly bonkers and she is a runner too, who knows maybe I am.

So when the session was over and I asked for my instructions and limitations – I noticed that she didn’t give me running limitations and there was nothing about not going for a run today. I casually mentioned that I was planning to go for an easy 3.0 miler, now that the session was over. She snapped her head back, gave me that look, like “what in the hell are YOU talking about?”

I just deadpanned a reply with a “well you didn’t say I couldn’t go for a run.” in that whiney, sniveling voice that we use when caught red-handed with our hand in the cookie jar. She shook her head, kind of smiled a weak smile and said. “You need to wait at least an hour before you go running – I don’t want all my good work to be wasted this morning!” There was a bit of exasperation in her voice for some reason or other.

So me being me, I kept pushing and asked if I could go ahead and do an upper body, ab and foam roller workout, while I was waiting?

I know I am a terrible patient, but I just couldn’t go sit in the lobby or my truck and take a nap or just sit around waiting for the hour to pass, why not workout other parts of my body, while I was in the gym anyway.

The look was priceless and just more head shaking, a little twinkle in her eye and she just said “just go do it”

I didn’t bother to remind her of our earlier conversation about how I was going to wear this body out and not let it rot away – I figured she might throw something at me ;-).

BTW: Did I ever mention that she is a great PT, she has to be to put up with me as a patient and even wants me to keep coming back!!! hehehhehe

How did the strength workout go?

  • Machine Bench Press: 10 x 100, 10 x 125, 5 x 170 (I only weigh 155 – so very happy with that last one)
  • Machine Row: 10 x100, 10 x125, 10 x170
  • Lat Pulldown: 10 x 80, 10 x 90, 10 x 90 (I have to watch my right shoulder, it pulls out of socket too easily on this exercise)
  • Machine Overhead Press: 10 x 60, 10 x 70, 5 x 90
  • Machine Bicep Curl: 10 x 50, 10 x 70, 8 x 90
  • Lots of foam roller, ab work and balanced on stability ball for 3:00 minutes

That took care of most of the hour, so I went and changed into my running stuff.

The Run

Today I was planning to do an easy 3.0 or so and that is exactly what I did. The pain/discomfort never got above a 3 in the Achilles and I felt good all the way through the run. Even coming back up the hill back to Champions from downtown, I was feeling strong and never thought about needing to walk. Overall it was a very nice run and was even a little faster than the last time I did it a couple of weeks ago.

  • Course: Champions, WMST Loop
  • Distance: 3.39 (using last Garmin distance)
  • Time: 29:39
  • Shoes: Skechers GoRun Rides2
  • Weather: Mid 60’s, sprinkling a little, cloudy – nice day for a run.

So I am back in Physical Therapy for 3 more weeks and the PT hasn’t wrung my neck – let’s make that – YET!

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