A Little More Than I Expected – RunLog 8-29-13

Hey, can you believe it – I took yesterday off!!!! I just needed it and could tell that I did.

Oh I still walked 3.0+ miles on a new trail that a neighbor is building and did stuff around the house, but no running.

It felt great.

This morning I was ready to run.


It was also a Physical Therapy day, so I went into Waterville early to do the tempo run before PT. I didn’t want to do hills before the session, so I ran out to Western Ave in Fairfield and back. The course only has a couple of bumps and the Fairfield side is mostly part of the Joseph’s 5K course, which is pretty flat and fast.

The weather was about perfect as far as I was concerned, low 60’s, misting to light rain, with a slight breeze in my face on the way out and at my back on the return.


My goal was to go sub 8:00 for at least 5.0 miles, which is my tempo pace for now, just to see if I could outside. I just ran comfortably hard and a couple of times, I pushed for about 30 seconds, to see how it felt. Once I got going, I felt good and knew that I could have gone faster without any question.

Garmin Stats 8-29-13
Garmin Stats 8-29-13

At mile 3.0 I had to stop at the Lawrence football field and use a port-a-porti, just couldn’t wait. It was so tippy, that I was worried about the damn thing tipping over, it was shaking and moving around way too much for my liking, but that next mile did go a little faster and a lot easier

The last mile I lost my focus and slowed down a little, but I did what I set out to do and averaged a 7:58 pace for the run. So I was VERY happy with the run and the best part, I felt great when I got done. My left foot was a little sore, but not unreasonably.

An Extra Run

After I got done, I had a little time before my appointment and I didn’t really feel like doing strength work today, so I got on the treadmill and just plugged along at 6.5 mph (about 9:13 pace), until they came and got me for the PT appointment. I managed to get 3.1 miles in before the PT came out and gave me the 2:00 minute warning.

Skechers GoRuns

I didn’t realize it until I entered the two runs into my spreadsheet that today I went over 100 miles in both the Skechers GoRun2’s and GoRun Ride2’s, which was kind of weird to do it on the same day. All I will say is that I love both of these shoes a LOT. I haven’t worn any others to run in a long time and 90% of my walking is done in one or the other of these two shoes, so they probably have at least 50 more miles of wear on them beyond what I have done for running.

Needless to say I am impressed so far and they have become my running shoe, walking and workout shoes of choice!


The PT session was a little intense and she did some serious poking and prodding in the Achilles and Posterior Tibial tendons, sometimes I think that bothers more than the Achilles. However, once she got by the initial prodding and got into the massage phase, it felt good, painful but good.

Good day running today.

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